2 More Major Vets Reportedly Disqualified Under Mysterious Circumstances in ‘The Challenge’ Season 38 Spoilers


Season 38 of The Challenge began filming in Argentina recently, and major spoilers have already been released. Who were the first two contestants to be voted off? And, according to reports, which major vets were disqualified for unknown reasons? What we know so far is as follows.

Filming was delayed for ‘The Challenge’ Season 38

Due to a positive COVID test in late May, filming was briefly halted and the cast was quarantined. This season’s theme is “Ride or Die,” and it will feature male and female allies. Friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, and family members make up the teams.

Daily challenges and eliminations have begun now that filming has officially resumed. Two late additions to the cast — Spies, Lies, and Allies finalist Nany Gonzalez and seven-time champion Johnny Bananas — added a major twist to the show.

According to Monsters and Critics, two players have already been knocked out. The first to be officially eliminated from The Challenge Season 38 were Kailah Casillas and her husband Sam Bird. It’s unclear who kicked them out of the game, though.

2 more major vets reportedly disqualified

Four teams, Aneesa Ferreira and her friend James Simon, Kaycee Clark and her brother Kenny Clark, stayed in quarantine longer than the rest of the cast.

Kaycee, Kenny, and Aneesa all returned to the game, according to spoiler account GamerVev. However, production is said to have disqualified James and sent him home. It’s unclear whether Aneesa has been assigned a replacement teammate or if the rules allow her to return alone.

Aneesa, James, Kaycee, and Kenny were replaced by Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez, respectively, and Nam Vo and Emmy Russ, respectively. Emmy, on the other hand, quit the show, which resulted in her being disqualified. Nam was compelled to leave as well.

However, there have been some discrepancies in the spoilers. According to some sources, Nam and Emmy were part of a legitimate elimination competition.

Who is competing on ‘The Challenge’ Season 38?

There are plenty of champions among the new season’s cast, which includes both veterans and rookies. Laurel Stucky, Turbai “Turbo” Camkiran, Devin Walker, Tori Deal, Nelson Thomas, Fessy Shafaat, Josh Martinez, Amber Borzotra, Emmy Alupei, Emmanuel Neagu, Jay Starret, Michele Fitzgerald, and Corey Lay are among the other veterans competing, in addition to Bananas, Kailah, Kaycee, Nany, Aneesa, and Nam.

Because this season’s theme is similar to Battle of the Bloodlines, the Ride or Dies cast will include returning Challenge veterans’ friends, family members, and significant others.

They include Chauncey Palmer (Amber B’s boyfriend), Jakk Maddox (Ex on the Peak and Laurel’s friend), Sam Bird (Love Island UK and Kailah’s husband), James Simon (Aneesa’s friend), and Tamara Alfaro (Turbo’s girlfriend), as well as Kenny Clark and Sam Bird.

Olivia and Horacio are joined by international rookies from reality television shows all over the world as newcomers. There will also be a significant number of rookies from the American series.

Season 38 of The Challenge has yet to be given a premiere date by MTV.

Season 38 of ‘The Challenge’: Could These Two Veterans Be the Team to Beat?


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