‘6ft SHARK washes up on popular UK shore,’ causing panic among beachgoers.


A “6-foot shark” washed up on a popular UK shore, causing fears among beachgoers.

The creature was discovered this morning on Lepe beach, which is part of the country park on the Solent in southwest Hampshire.


British Big Game Fishing reported finding it alive, but it appears to have since died after washing up on shore.

The exact species of shark it is has been the subject of much conjecture, but has not yet been definitively established.

A site commenter remarked, “Looks exhausted. Evidently, it had come to the shallows for food, but it lacked the strength to make the journey back to the deep.

No more ocean swimming for me, thanks!” said another.

Someone else chimed in with, “S**it man. It breaks my heart that it died. Does prove, though, that anything is possible in the universe.

It follows last month’s sighting of what was likely the fin of a great white shark cruising the Cornish coast.

Experts warned swimmers to be cautious, calling the sighting both exciting and terrifying.

The 64-year-old grandma Jacquie Williams saw the menacing form 100 feet off Gunwalloe beach in Porthleven.

Her son-in-law Gazza Laidlaw posted the photo to a Facebook page with the warning, “Any winter swimmers might want to proceed with extreme caution as it looks rather large.”

In the words of naturalist and shark spotter ­Hayley Bisofsky-Pope: “It’s definitely not a porbeagle, basking, or thresher shark. In equal parts, this is thrilling and terrifying.

And a woman was bitten by a blue shark in July of last year while she was snorkeling off Penzance.

The south coast of England saw several sightings in 2022, not just that one.

Unbelievable photos of what locals in Plymouth, Devon thought was a rare starry smooth-hound shark surfaced in April.

Meanwhile, on February 4, a 42-year-old man named James Venn took photos of what he believes to be a great white shark while standing on the beach near Goring, West Sussex.

The shark is now thought to have died



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