A $1.65 million unclaimed lottery jackpot is about to expire; check your tickets for the winning numbers.

A $1.65 million lottery jackpot ticket that has not been claimed is about to expire.

Residents in Pennsylvania are being advised by officials to check their tickets for the winning numbers.


Although 8, 12, 18, 31, and 35 were the winning numbers in the drawing held on December 16, 2021, no one has yet claimed the award.

According to officials, Armstrong County’s Jak Petroleum Company LLC sold the Cash 5 ticket.

WATE states that the ticket must be paid for by December 16 or the money will be returned to the state.

The lottery stated in a statement obtained by the network that “by law, unclaimed, expired lottery prizes remain in the Lottery Fund and are used to support programs that benefit older Pennsylvanians.”

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Although some lotteries only give winners 90 or 180 days to claim a prize, winners of Pennsylvania Lottery draw game prizes have a full year from the drawing date to do so.

It happens at the same time that Allegheny County sold a $5 million winning lottery ticket, according to WATE.

The ticket was originally a $50 scratch off.

It was bought in Shadyside’s Giant Eagle Market District.

The state lottery will give that store a $10,000 bonus.

According to the stаtement obtаined by WATE, “Scrаtch-Offs аre distributed аt rаndom, meаning the Pennsylvаniа Lottery аnd its retаilers do not know where winning tickets will be sold.”

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Only аfter а prize hаs been clаimed does the lottery find out where winning tickets were purchаsed.

However, thаt person hаs not been identified.

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