A 38-year-old pervert cop secretly filmed 100 instances of girls as young as six in swimming pool locker rooms.


A PERVY cop set up a hidden camera in the locker rooms of a swimming pool and filmed young girls as young as six.

Former Derbyshire Police officer Matthew Shaw, 38, performed sex acts with minors on the internet.


After Shaw was spotted filming a young girl changing at a swimming pool at a Center Parcs in Nottinghamshire, he was reported to the police.

In April of last year, the girl’s mother discovered the PCSO sneaking a camera under the wall of a locker room cubicle.

The “devious” ex-cop later admitted he had filmed kids as young as six as often as a hundred times.

After the allegations were made public, Shaw was removed from his position as PCSO.

He then resigned last year.

Shaw also used Snapchat to have conversations with young girls (aged 11 to 15) while pretending to be a teen boy and girl.

His Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham, home was searched by police, and they took possession of various electronic devices, including a cellphone that had been stashed in the garage’s overhead storage.

When police inspected the devices, they discovered footage from locker rooms as well.

They also discovered that Shaw had sexual encounters with minors via the internet.

Shaw denied any wrongdoing at first, but later changed his plea to guilty on 21 counts of inciting a minor to sexual activity and 3 counts of voyeurism.

At today’s hearing in Nottingham Crown Court, he received a sentence of 14 years in prison.

Shaw was also issued a sexual harm prevention order and added to the sex offenders register.

“Shaw is a devious and manipulative sex offender who is now commencing a well-deserved prison sentence,” said Detective Chief Inspector Gemma Scott of the Nottinghamshire Police.

While he avoided direct contact with his victims, he did serious harm by exposing them to activities they were not mature enough to consent to.

She continued, “We will always vigorously pursue those who commit offenses of this nature because the safety of children is our top priority.

I’m glad Shaw is behind bars, and I hope his case serves as a warning to others: if you act like this, sooner or later we’ll find you, and you’re probably going to jail.

Simon Blatchly, Deputy Chief Constable at Derbyshire Police commented on the former officer’s position, saying: “Through that investigation it was concluded that none of Shaw’s offending was found to have taken place while he was on duty – and no victims were identified as being linked to his role.

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PCSOs have a special role that brings them into contact with a wide variety of people in our communities, including young people, and thus hold a position of trust similar to that of all officers and staff.

His crimes are all the more shocking to the public because of his role and position of trust, and I share their revulsion at his actions.


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