A braless Bianca Censori is a “show off” who “doesn’t need Kim’s Skims,” as an expert put it, when Kanye West’s wife goes braless.


A fashion psychologist has claimed that Bianca Censori’s bra-free LA appearances with husband Kanye West are planned.

She also believes that by rejecting “a load of foundation garments” from Kim Kardashian’s Skims line, a 27-year-old is snubbing the brand.


A fashion psychologist has said Bianca might think going braless will make her look as if she's sexier because her breasts will move when she's walking around


Bianca Censori was recently seen out and about in Los Angeles, California, wearing a skintight black spandex outfit, black stiletto boots, and a neutral beanie hat.

While out and about in Melrose Place with her alleged husband Kanye West, the former jewelry designer didn’t appear to be wearing a bra despite her otherwise immaculate appearance.

Associate Professor Carolyn Mair, Ph.D., talks to us in this special interview. inform The United States. Sun: “There seem to have been multiple instances where Bianca doesn’t appear to be wearing a bra in public.

“For instance, it appears that she isn’t wearing a bra in the picture of her donning the beanie.

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Bianca may have decided to go braless because she knew she would be photographed regardless.

She may believe that posing without a bra will make her appear sexier, but the truth is that when we don’t support our breasts, they tend to move around more.

Whether or not these are her own breasts, she’s bound to turn heads whenever she walks.

When something is in motion, our eyes are drawn to it.

Going braless is seen as a sexy choice because it suggests there is nothing hiding beneath the surface.

Or, “Bianca could be saying, ‘I don’t need underwear or Skims.'”

Because Skims draws the body in, Bianca may also be implying, “I’m letting it all hang out.

Bianca’s body type is similar to Kim’s, so it’s possible that her look is a statement that she feels no need to supplement her diet with Skims.

One of the women is totally not into Skims, and the other one is totally into Skims.

“In contrast to Kim, she may be implying that she does not require a mountain of base layers.”

Kanye West's new wife Bianca (as seen here on her Instagram feed) looks like she doesn't always wear bras


After hearing that Kanye West had secretly wed Bianca Censori in January, the news catapulted Censori to fame.

He had recently divorced reality star and Skims founder Kim prior to their “surprise” wedding.

Since then, the Australian architect turned Yezee employee has been spotted out and about with Kanye, wearing a variety of provocative outfits.

While Bianca appears to have found true love with her new beau, her followers have pointed out striking similarities between her and her husband’s ex-wife.

However, on January 12 she made her dramatic debut at the Waldorf Astoria with a new blonde hairstyle, after photos of her flaunting her former brunette tresses and body surfaced online.

Her sense of style also appears to be changing.

Bianca eventually changed her hair and style (as seen here in New York in May 2022) when she met Kanye West and after she started working at Yeezy


“What’s still similar between the two women is that, like Kim, Bianca dresses to attract attention,” adds Professor Mair, a business consultant and author of the Psychology of Fashion.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a fashionable look though.

Bianca goes to great lengths to present the impression that she is sexually alluring.

The small waist and large breasts are stereotypically female features, and the likeness to Kim is uncanny.

Despite this, I do believe that other pictures of Bianca show her in a style that could be considered fashionable.

“She’s also making an effort with her knee-high boots and stilettos, long leather gloves, very short shorts, and tights underneath.”

Kim has a similar body shape to Bianca but wears underwear as seen here in February when she shares a photo on Instagram


Neither Bianca nor Kanye have signed any legal marriage paperwork as of yet.

Now that she has had some time to adjust to her new role as stepmother to Ye’s four kids—North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 3—it seems that she is beginning to feel at home in the household.

North was first spotted with Kanye and Bianca at Nobu in Malibu in January, and then again on March 9 at Universal Studios where the family was seen playing basketball.

“When teenagers or young women copy these looks, they are not always able to handle the impact,” says Professor Mair, who developed behavior change programs for mental health and wellbeing.

That’s the rub for me because celebrities are role models whether they like it or not.

Given that some young people are likely to try to emulate her style, it may be necessary to address the fallout that results from it.

The prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed until around the time of middle adulthood, which is why we tend to make questionable choices in our early to mid-20s.

A psychologist says celebrities like Bianca need to think about the consequences of what they're wearing and how they dress


It’s possible that some people find Bianca attractive and desirable, but they may not be the type of people she wants to attract.

The clothing we choose to wear has real-world repercussions, and we ought to give that some thought.

“If we consider clothing to be a form of communication, then it too conveys meaning.

In a broader sense, I have no problem with people choosing to forego wearing a bra.

It’s not just about wearing no bra; the rest of your body can be covered up if you like.

When wearing a low top and no bra, it is not necessary to cover your rear end with a long skirt.

Kim Kardashian covers her entire body and wears supporting undergarments as seen here in December 2022


When I first see someone without a bra, my assumption is that they are trying to boost their sexual allure.

It’s not a big deal if a woman doesn’t wear a bra because some celebrities sported exposed undergarments even at the Oscars.

“Psychological research suggests that our first impressions of a person are formed by their total physical presentation.

If something is moving, our attention is immediately drawn to it, and we can then focus on the finer details later.

The same holds true for other prominent sensory features such as taste, touch, pressure, and smell.

When a woman’s natural breast shape is on display beneath her clothing, she is more likely to be perceived as sexually alluring.

Bianca (pictured here in May 2022) adopted a certain style around the time that Kim and Kanye were divorcing


When a woman walks without a bra, her breasts move, drawing the eye because of the human visual system’s bias toward tracking motion.

When we see something moving, even if it isn’t a person, our eyes are drawn to it; in this case, it’s the breasts.

If you care about your notoriety and getting coverage in the media, then you should try to cause a scandal.

To stand out from the crowd, we should do something shockingly different from what everyone else is doing, such as dress wildly and loudly.

It’s been very common to see clothes made from sheer materials, so that’s no longer innovative.

Going braless can therefore be a sensational way to attract attention and display the shape of the breast.

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It’s dynamic, which draws the eye, and it’s ambiguous, which sparks the imagination.

Perhaps Bianca’s underwear selections stem from an underlying anxiety about being forgotten or unnoticed.

Kim wears one of her figure-hugging Skims shapewear dresses which are intended to support and compress the figure



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