A food stockpile is always essential; it helped me pay off a £17k debt in 18 months, even though my savings strategy is unique.


A PROFESSIONAL SAVINGS COACH has shared the one-of-a-kind plan that she used to eliminate her £17k in debt and save over £20k.

Sarah disclosed that she maintains several savings accounts so that she can monitor her progress toward various goals.


Rather than one savings account, she recommends having multiple so you know how close you are to meeting certain goals


Sarah (a real person) from the United States tweets as @youneedabudget and has amassed 589,500 followers by offering advice on how to save money and stick to a budget.

She recently posted a TikTok video in which she explains, “So the way I do an emergency fund might be a little different than what you have in mind so let’s talk about it.”

Sarah spent the first 41 seconds of the video explaining how she has set up several smaller accounts for various contingencies rather than keeping everything in one large savings account.

She elaborated, “So instead of having one general emergency fund, I have a section in my budget for things that I think of as emergency type events.

Things like car repairs, home repairs, and medical bills all have their own separate folder in my budget.

Like little savings accounts, I’ve decided how much of my income to put away every month to grow each of these buckets.

“When deciding on these figures, I try to factor in things like the average cost of car repairs (around $600) and the average cost of a visit to the emergency room (around $2,200) in the United States.

So, because everyone is different, I’d advise putting together an individual emergency fund budget.

Her idea was so refreshingly straightforward that it garnered over 4,000 views and 208 likes in just a few days.

A TikTok user commented, “I do my best to stay on top of maintaining things like car repairs and health with regular checkups.”

The frugal shopper revealed in another video how she had halved her grocery bill, which had a direct impact on her ability to pay down her debt.

She shared, “Many of you have been asking how I went from spending $1300 on groceries to under $700, so here are some of my best tips.

One should postpone going shopping for as long as possible.

When I get the hankering to go grocery shopping, the first thing I do is take stock of what I already have in my fridge and pantry.

Then, I try to feed as many people as possible with what I already have. Making something from scratch often requires a lot of imagination on my part.

My second piece of advice is to regularly prepare meals that serve not one, not two, but three purposes. I do this by preparing a large quantity of food at once, eating some of it that night, packing some of it for lunch the next day, and storing the rest in the freezer for later.

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“It’s like giving something to my future self, and making a lot of food helps me use up what’s in the fridge.”

With over 5,190 likes and 68,400 views, her video clearly struck a chord with her audience and inspired them to practice frugal living.


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