A look inside some of the 87 unpatriotic councils, including Charles’ own tightfisted town hall, that are spending NOTHING on the King’s coronation.


One of nearly a hundred frugal authorities to not spend any money on King Charles’s Coronation celebrations is his local council.

Among the 83 towns and cities that decided to skip the celebration was Cotswold District Council.


Cotswold District Council is snubbing the day


Authorities’ lack of patriotism has been called “disgraceful” and “disappointing,” and Britons are being urged to support the May 6 Coronation.

Highgrove House in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, has been Charles’ home for the past 43 years.

However, the Cotswold administration, currently led by the Liberal Democrats, has no plans to celebrate his coronation.

Tory MP for the area, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, had this to say: “I think it’s an utter disgrace. I think people are pleased with our Royal connections, so at least they would have something to celebrate.

Given the presence of Highgrove, I feel it is incumbent upon the Cotswold District Council to take action.

Celebrations for Charles’s coronation will take place across the UK from May 6-8, and the extra bank holiday that the people of the UK will receive as a result will be given to them on May 6.

However, our FOIA request showed that the councils were not providing any funding for this.

They consist of the North West London borough of Camden Council, where the current Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, resides.

Bolton, Leeds, Southend, Leicester, Brighton, and Middlesbrough’s government have all made no financial preparations either.

Residents of Sunderland, England, are frustrated with the Labour-led city council for failing to allocate sufficient funds to support the May celebrations.

Antony Mullen, the Tory leader there, said, “It is disgraceful that the council has chosen to allow a niche political view held by a small number of hard-left councillors to prevent residents across our city who want to celebrate the Coronation.”

Doncaster, where hundreds gathered in November to watch Prince Charles and Princess Camilla bestow city status, has also received no funding.

Doncaster Council has missed a trick, according to local councilman Nick Allen.

Islington, Hillingdon, Redbridge, and Bexley in London, as well as Kent, Essex, and Cornwall in the UK, have all failed to set aside any funds for the event.

Barking and Dagenham Council in East London, on the other hand, is spending £155,000 on commemorations of the historic weekend.

Hull City Council has set aside £100,000, while Richmond and Wandsworth have contributed £150,000; of this total, £10,000 will be used to purchase presents for babies born during Coronation month.

The Coventry City Council, which at first denied setting aside any funds, has now said that it has done so.

Sources close to the palace have stated emphatically that the ceremony will “knock your socks off,” putting the lie to rumors that the Coronation at Westminster Abbey will be reduced in size.

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The Department of Culture, Media, and Sport is funding a star-studded party at Windsor Castle with performances by Take That and Lionel Richie.

As an added incentive for British citizens to gather together and cheer on their monarch, the government has allocated £1 million to fund the use of large-scale media during the Coronation.

BRITS are being gifted an extra bank holiday to celebrate Charles’s Coronation


The King’s Coronation on May 6 may see Jubilee-like events



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