A Magnificent Reunion: Daniela Ruah of NCIS: LA Joins Forces Again with Former Cast Members, Unveiling an Unbelievable Surprise


NCIS: LA Cast Reunites for Charity Triathlon

The beloved TV show NCIS: LA may have come to an end, much to the disappointment of fans earlier this year, but the close-knit cast continues to support each other. Daniela Ruah, who portrayed the popular character Special Agent Kensi Blye, recently shared on her Instagram the exciting news that she will be reuniting with her former co-stars for a special reason.

Raising Money for a Good Cause

Addressing her followers directly, Daniela revealed that she, her husband David Olson, Caleb Castille (FBI Agent Devin Rountree), and Duncan Campbell (Agent Castor) will be participating in the Malibu triathlon to raise funds for charity. For the past few years, Daniela has been involved in the race as part of a relay team, but this year, as she approaches her milestone 40th birthday in December, she has decided to challenge herself and complete the entire race, including swimming, biking, and running. The team hopes to raise $10,000 for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

A Journey of Training and Fun

In her Instagram caption, Daniela admitted to feeling nervous and excited about the upcoming event. She also mentioned that she and her teammates are currently training for the triathlon and having a great time. Daniela’s post received an overwhelming response from her followers, who expressed their excitement and admiration for the cast’s commitment to this physical challenge.

Words of Encouragement

Many of Daniela’s fans took the opportunity to share their own experiences and offer words of wisdom. Some expressed their emotional response to the cast’s charitable endeavor, while others, who are also new to triathlons or in their 40s, encouraged Daniela to enjoy the journey and continue participating in future races. One fan even shared their personal journey from starting with sprint relays to taking on a half Ironman distance at the age of 50. The support and encouragement from Daniela’s followers highlight the sense of community and inspiration that can be found in such physical challenges.

A Reunion with the NCIS: LA Family

Following the conclusion of NCIS: LA earlier this year, Daniela Ruah and her co-stars are undoubtedly thrilled to be back together for the charity triathlon. The show ended with a two-part finale special, as well as a program featuring interviews with the cast and crew celebrating their successful run on CBS. This reunion not only allows them to continue supporting each other but also reinforces the strong bond they developed during their time on the show.

The cast of NCIS: LA may have bid farewell to their beloved characters, but they continue to make a positive impact on and off-screen. By participating in the Malibu triathlon and raising funds for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Daniela Ruah, David Olson, Caleb Castille, and Duncan Campbell demonstrate their commitment to helping others and inspire their fans to do the same.


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