A mother’s shock is tempered by mixed reactions to her daughter’s decision to leave a scathing note in her lunchbox.


A MUM was taken aback when her daughter, then only a few years old, took the unusual step of complaining about the food in her lunchbox.

The woman, an Aussie, set out on a mission to get the kid to eat more nutritious fare, but her efforts were met with hilariously disastrous results.


She said she had no choice because her daughter wouldn’t eat the healthy food packed in her daughter’s lunchbox.

This prompted the mother to take a firmer stance, and she swapped out her daughter’s sugary snacks for healthier options.

In an effort to get the little girl to concede, she laid out a spread of sandwiches, pretzels, a banana, and chopped Kiwi fruit.

However, the Australian was taken aback when the young lady brought back the unopened lunchbox and a special gift for her mother.

The youngster had decided to document her food-related annoyances, so she reviewed the lunchbox’s contents on a cheeky post-it note.

She threw it on top of her uneaten sandwich, and it read, “This food sucks.”

The embarrassed mother posted about her “parenting fail” on Facebook and admitted that she found the ensuing backlash hilarious.

After seeing yet another lunchbox come home with all the healthy stuff untouched, she decided to follow through on her threat to only pack healthy stuff and no treats unless the healthy stuff was eaten.

My sweet daughter wrote her thoughts down on this Post-it note.

She laughed at the note, but others on the internet were not as amused.

One person had written, “If the lunch you make her’sucks,’ then she can make her own from now on.”

“If she can write, she can make her own like most of us did when we were kids,” said another. No need for a fancy bento box.”

Thirdly, “so many kids would die to eat this because they have nothing to eat,” was another comment. The importance of food is a lesson that should not be overlooked for young minds.

Other people agreed with the brave little girl and said things like, “That banana looks manky,” and “That kiwi needs peeling.”

We previously told the story of a frustrated father who, after his daughter was reprimanded for her eating habits, snuck an angry note to her teachers in her lunchbox.

Ross Hunt said the staff were making his daughter eat her vegetables and sandwich first, before she could have any dessert.

He then put a cheeky label on her lunchbox proclaiming that his wife and he were “happy for Isabelle to eat whatever she wants.”

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And a mother of eight got a nasty note from her child’s school because she fed her daughter chocolate pie.

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The dinnertime debate sparked an explosive conversation online



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