A person of ice-cold composure would be able to identify the correctly spelled word in this dizzying optical illusion in that brief time frame.


One correct CRISP is CHERRY-PICKED from this pile of misspellings.

If you can find the correct word in this challenging optical illusion in less than five seconds, you may have the eyes of a hawk.


This exercise will put your visual and cognitive skills to the test. The more effort you put in, the more quickly you will progress.

If you can spot the outlier in this list of words, you’ll have a much greater chance of becoming more perceptive, as this puzzle has gone viral on the internet.

The problem is that there are only 5 seconds to catch it, so many people are left wondering what it is.

Word games like this one are great for challenging your brain. You have ten seconds to identify the image with the misspelled word.

Similarly, in this game you have five seconds to select the correct spelling of “bingo” from among 221 alternatives.

Or, if you’d rather solve a picture puzzle, see if you can find the sly cat hiding out in the stack of logs.

Also, for those who enjoy a good challenge, see if you can spot the three dissimilar bumblebee pictures in under 10 seconds.

SPOTTED! In case you couldn't find the correctly spelt CRISP - we have circled it here



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