A rugby star’s jaw was broken in a horrific tackle, and the referees are now frantically searching the field for his missing teeth.


After a horrific tackle in a National Rugby League match, RUGBY star Danny Levi suffered a broken jaw and lost teeth.

Levi, a star for the Raiders, left the game after just two minutes after getting into a fight with a forward for the Sharks, Teig Wilton.


Levi walked off the pitch with a face covered in blood


After the medical staff had taken care of him, he walked off the field with a bloodied face.

“He’s got a real problem here, Levi,” Warren Smith of All Things Considered commented.

Cooper Cronk, another commentator, chimed in, saying, “He looked at the touchline immediately as he came reeling out of the contest.

“He looks in all sorts of trouble, Danny Levi.”

At halftime, officials went out onto the field to look for Levi’s missing teeth.

NRL officials are currently on the ground looking for Danny Levi’s teeth, former NRL star Mick Ennis told Fox League during the break.

In the second half, Smith updated viewers, saying: “We had NRL officials out there at the break looking for at least one tooth out there on the turf at GIO Stadium.

If they don’t find it, they might as well go back out there full time. Seemed like they didn’t find anything, though.


The Raiders won for the first time this season despite being without Levi for nearly the entire game.

They bounced back from two straight early season losses with a 24-20 victory over the Sharks.

The Raiders’ victory was ultimately owed to two tries scored by backup prop Corey Horsburgh.


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