A Shocking Analysis of the Khamzat Chimaev Altercation by UFC President Dana White



At a press conference for the fight between boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., UFC President Dana White is present. Conor McGregor, the lightweight champion of the UFC.

In response to the recent altercation between Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa, UFC president Dana White offered his opinion.

Top-ranked welterweight Chimaev nearly got into another fight at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, before his main event match with Nate Diaz at UFC 279 took place.

In the gym, the budding “Borz” ran into former middleweight title contender Costa. Costa was practicing his grappling with Diaz’s teammate Jake Shields when Chimaev interrupted him and engaged him in a brief, profanity-filled altercation.

Even though there was no physical violence, the unexpected circumstance could have been much worse. White discussed the incident during the post-fight press conference for last Tuesday’s “Dana White’s Contender Series.” He denied having any conversations with either of the men when asked if he had spoken to them.

White said, “No, guys, you know I don’t do this. “We work in the fight industry. These things occur, and it is our responsibility to prevent fights at the PI. That’s what we do. There will always be fighters. All of those things will take place. We’ll take care of it.

White believed that the PI must have experienced similar close calls.

Given the large number of professional combat sports athletes who train at the same facility, an altercation between rivals could happen. White reasoned that it was the nature of the game and assumed there must have been an incident similar to the one involving Chimaev and Costa.

White said, “With fighters, yeah, I’m sure we have. Guys occasionally cross paths, and things like this do occur. That is the line of work we are in. I am aware that the PI is very aware of who is training where and doing what. However, I’m sure they even have that issue in the same camps when you have a gym full of fighters who aren’t necessarily from the same camps. It occurs. That is the line of work we do.

White offered his thoughts on Diaz’s Contract Finale.

Diaz enters what might be his last fight under the UFC banner. He had been requesting a release for the previous year because he wanted to investigate free agency. White gave the Stockton native high praise as he thought back on Diaz’s contributions to the business.

“Listen, this kid came in on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,'” White said in a conversation with Nate. “He has fought for us in extraordinary wars. He has long played a significant role in this business. What else was there for me to ask of Nate Diaz? I wish Nate the best of luck in the world if he decides to make this his final fight. It was enjoyable. Dealing with those two has been a lot of fun.

“Looking back, the Diaz Brothers have been an absolute blast. At the time, at the time, it was whatever. Legends in this sport, they are. In this organization, they are legends. All the guys are here these days. We wish Nate the best if that is what he wants, so yeah.


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