A shocking analysis shows that fewer than one percent of police officers who have been accused of mistreating women have been fired.


Less than one percent of police officers and other personnel have been terminated after being accused of sexually abusing women and girls.

Police misconduct cases and complaints involving allegations of violence against women revealed the low dismissal rate.


Concerns over rogue officers were heightened this year as the crimes of serial rapist Met officer David Carrick emerged


Between October 2021 and March 2022, 1,539 law enforcement and civilian employees were the subject of complaints or were investigated for conduct related to violence against women and girls.

However, only 13 — or 0.87 per cent — were sacked.

Eight hundred and seventy-two police officers were the targets of complaints, and another six hundred and seventy-two were involved in conduct cases involving violence against women and girls.

Allegations of sexual assault or harassment were involved in a third of the conduct cases.

After Sarah Everard was killed by Met firearms officer Wayne Couzens, higher-ups ordered an investigation into data from 43 forces in England and Wales and the British Transport Police.

This year, the crimes of former Met officer and serial rapist David Carrick raised new concerns about corrupt police.

National Police Chiefs Council Deputy Chief Maggie Blyth described the data as “sobering.”

The importance of “lifting the stones” and “rooting abusers and corrupt individuals out of policing,” she said, was emphasized.

Center for Women’s Justice’s Harriet Wistrich said, “I hope the greater understanding generated by this report will ultimately result in radical reform.”


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