A significant internet outage affects hundreds of websites, including National Rail and TfL.

Numerous websites, including the National Rail website and hundreds more, are down, making it impossible for thousands of users to use their favorite websites’ essential services.

Many different businesses’ websites are hosted by the internet service provider Cloudflare, which is currently experiencing a widespread global outage that is affecting some of the most popular websites online.

According to Downdetector, the outage has reportedly affected Google, Twitter, Discord, Betfred, and even Discord.

Additionally, according to Twitter user IconJen, Roblox, Skype, Amazon, and Google Meet have all had problems.

Users are unable to log in because faulty websites are sending them “Error 500” messages.

Hundreds of websites have been affected

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“Cloudflare is looking into widespread problems with our services and/or network,” the company stated.

Reaching Cloudflare’s network or services may result in errors or timeouts for users.

The tech company says it has now located the problem and is developing a solution.

UPDATE 08:21: According to Cloudflare, a fix for the issue has now been released, and the company is “monitoring the results.”

Uncertain of when the affected websites will resume functioning, Cloudflare appears to have been forced to’re-route’ some of its global services in response to the problem.

Cloudflare is used to make websites more secure

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What is Cloudflare?

More than 26 million websites use Cloudflare, which processes more than 1 billion IP addresses daily.

Every time you visit a Cloudflare website, you must pass through its servers because it serves as the primary “pathway” between a website’s visitors and its users.

Large websites use it tо safeguard themselves frоm maliciоus traffic and imprоve the user experience while brоwsing.

Fоr this reasоn, if Clоudflare gоes dоwn, yоu might still be able tо access sоme cоntent оn a website that is delivered by Clоudflare rather than the hоst, but nоt the entire website.

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