Aashay and Viral still have a relationship? Sima Taparia criticizes the star of “Indian Matchmaking” for being “superficial”

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA: According to Sima Taparia, the in-house matchmaker for “Indian Matchmaking,” marriage comes before love. Unfortunately for the Mumbai-based matchmaker, some of her clients, like Viral Joshi, a pharmaceutical developer from Durham, North Carolina, don’t seem to agree with her approach to marriage.

Viral wanted to find stability in her personal life after reaching her professional peak, so she asked Sima Aunty for assistance. Viral, 30, had a long list of requirements for her ideal partner, much to the chagrin of Sima Aunty, including things like Gujarati and self-made man. The 30-year-old appeared to be very clear about what she wanted from her partner and their relationship. Viral was adamant about meeting every requirement on her list, despite Sima’s best efforts to persuade her to lower her standards to a pitiful 60–70% of the criteria. She was convinced that she wasn’t asking for much until Viral pointed out that she was bringing everything she was requesting to the relationship. Sima focused her search and found Viral Kothari and Jaymin Mehta after learning that Viral preferred self-made, financially independent Gujarati men. Viral lamented that she didn’t see a long-term relationship developing with either of the men, citing things like philosophical differences and a lack of physical attraction.

Sima Taparia, the star of “Indian Matchmaking,” says Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are “not a good match” because “she looks older.”

Nаdiа rejects Shekаr аnd is аlso rejected by Vishаl for the SURPRISING reаson in “Indiаn Mаtchmаking.”

Viral on 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2 (Netflix)

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