According to a Dinosaur Expert, “Jurassic Park” got the T-Rex and Raptors wrong.

As it stampeded into theaters, Jurassic World Dominion featured a massive cast of dinosaurs. The movie gets a lot of the dinosaurs right for a work of fiction, which the original Jurassic Park couldn’t say. Remaking the first Jurassic Park film would be a mistake, according to Dominion director Colin Trevorrow, but it may be the only way to correct what Jurassic Park got wrong with the T-Rex and raptors.

With its dinosaurs, ‘Jurassic Park Dominion’ nails a few points.

In terms of dinosaur depictions, Dominion isn’t quite as accurate as a textbook, but it gets a lot of things right.

Paleontologists were consulted by director Colin Trevorrow to ensure that his fictional reptiles were as accurate as possible. Because of this, Jurassic World Dominion gets a lot of things right with dinosaurs.

Seeing a herd of Parasaurolophus running through the snow isn’t exactly artistic license. Trevorrow also portrays the colossal Dreadnoughtus with great accuracy. Finally, many dinosaurs exhibited nurturing instincts similar to the Dominion raptor Blue.

Although the first Jurassic Park isn’t supposed to be entirely accurate, a paleontologist claims that the depictions of velociraptors and the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the film are inaccurate.

According to one expert, the T-Rex and raptors in ‘Jurassic Park’ are inaccurate.

Professor The Smithsonian Institute’s Senior Research Geologist and Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, Hans Sues, is a dinosaur expert. During a Wired Tech Support video (via YouTube), he responded to a question about what went wrong with Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs. He believes the T-Rex and velociraptors depicted by the filmmakers are incorrect.

Dr. Sam Neill (Sam Neill) is a fictional character created by Sam Neill To avoid being seen by the T-Rex, Alan Grant famously tells Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm to stay still. The species possessed keen senses in real life.

“According to the movie, T-Rex could only detect prey through movement. When we look at a T-Rex’s brain, we can see that it had a lot of olfactory bulbs, which are the parts of the brain that pick up information from the nose. The optic nerve, which transmits information from the eye to the brain, has a very large opening in this structure. It also had a complex inner ear that allowed it to hear a wide variety of low-frequency sounds. As a result, it would have smelled the actors in front of its snout, making for a very short film.”

Sues held an adult velociraptor’s skull in her hands. It was about the size of a turkey leg, a fraction of the size of the dinosaurs in the film. Scientists in Utah discovered raptor species much larger than those depicted in Jurassic Park, according to the paleontologist. The movie’s raptors, on the other hand, are considerably smaller.

Jurassic Park got a lot of things wrong, including the size of the raptors and the T-Rex’s hunting abilities.

What else ‘Jurassic Park’ got wrong with the T-Rex

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Sues, a dinosaur expert, believes Jurassic Park got the T-Rex’s hunting abilities wrong, and that the movie’s roar was also off.

The movie’s roar is a mix of baby elephant, crocodile, and tiger roars. An actual T-Rex roar, however, would have been more of a bass-heavy rumble than an ear-piercing scream, due to its skull structure and ability to hear low-frequency sounds.

So there were a few flaws in Jurassic Park’s depictions of dinosaurs. The film is not a documentary, but rather entertainment, as Sues points out in his video.

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