Adria Biles, sister of ‘Claim to Fame’ star Simone Biles, on the Best Advice the Olympic Gymnast Has Given Her


Warning: There are spoilers in this article for ABC’s Claim to Fame.

Adria Louise Biles surprised both herself and her fellow Claim to Fame contestants, even though she did not win the gold. If you’ve been watching the ABC reality competition series, celebrity relatives compete in challenges and gather information that will help them determine their housemate’s ancestry.

Adria is the sister of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, which made it easy for Adria’s rivals to identify her famous relative.

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Even though Adria’s middle name on the show was “Louise,” the other contestants couldn’t help but notice the striking similarity between the two. Although the housemates were aware of Louise’s famous relative, she was not evicted until Episode 8. Why?

Louise continued to win, and like her sister, she was given immunity. But Louise’s luck appeared to have run out as she was placed in the bottom two along with Logan.

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Logan was chosen as the guesser, and he decided to send Louise away in the end. He predicted that Simone Biles is Louise’s famous relative with “100% confidence.”

Adria “Louise” was eliminated from the competition, and Distractify caught up with her to discuss her time there and the best piece of advice her sister Simone ever gave her.

Check out our Q&A below.

(Editor’s note: For the sake of clarity, this interview has been edited and condensed.)

Adria Louise Biles, star of “Claim to Fame,” shares the best piece of advice her sister ever gave her.

Distractify: How did you feel knowing that everyone knew who your famous relative was while you were competing?

Adria Louise Biles: It was almost comical that I was in the competition and progressed as far as I did despite everyone knowing who I was related to. Definitely to my own surprise!

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Distractify: Did you experience pressure to keep winning challenges in order to maintain your safety?

Yes, ALB I was taking advantage of the immunity.

Distractify: If you could play Claim to Fame again, what would you do to improve?

ALB: I’m not sure I would make any changes simply because I enjoyed not knowing my limits.

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Who is currently playing the best game? distractify Do you have a favorite candidate for the victory?

ALB: L.C. I’m rooting for both and Logan because they’re both playing such good games.

Distractify: Has Simone, your sister, seen the program? If that’s the case, what did she think of the contest?

ALB: We did watch it together, yes. She thought the idea was interesting.

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What is the best advice your sister has ever given you? distractify

ALB: Have fun with everything you do!

Mondays at 10 p.m., catch new episodes of Claim to Fame. ABC at EST.


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