After a historic Oklahoma building collapsed around her, Reba McEntire was rescued by a ladder.


After a historic Oklahoma building collapsed around her, country music legend Reba McEntire had to be rescued by a ladder.

Reba McEntire | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

According to TMZ, McEntire was one of seven people rescued from the partially collapsed interior of the over 100-year-old building. The rescue took place in Akota, Oklahoma, while McEntire and an unidentified person were touring a historical site. The website spoke with Travis Mullins, Director of Emergency Management, who stated that the building was undergoing renovations and that the stairwells would be replaced.

The collapse trapped McEntire and her companions until the town’s firefighters arrived. According to reports, one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The second and third story stairwells were also reported to have collapsed later.

According to reports, the country music superstar was unharmed in the incident. Those trapped, including McEntire, had to be helped out a second-story window and down the ladder by the fire department. McEntire was reportedly touring the historic building in downtown Atoka on Sept.

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McEntire wаs reportedly touring the historic building in downtown Atokа on Sept. 15 for а future project, though the nаture of thаt project wаs not reveаled. McEntire wаs with her boyfriend Rex Linn аt the time, аccording to KTEN news аnchor Lisаnne Anderson, who tweeted а photo of McEntire descending а lаdder to sаfety. This story is being updаted.


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