After aespa, fans call for the banning of grown men after young girls were the target of sexist jokes at a university festival.

University festivals are currently taking place in South Korea, and artists like PSY, Winner, (G)I-DLE, and other K-pop acts have been wowing the crowds with some legendary performances. Many were astounded by the public’s enthusiasm for new girl groups, which was demonstrated by the sizable crowds that IVE, Le Sserafim, aespa, and NewJeans drew. The argument over whether K-pop should permit young women to make their debut, however, has resurfaced as a result of host and student misbehavior.

At a university festival, male students started groping women and making derogatory comments, which infuriated the audience. A few months later, we find ourselves in a similar predicament after the organizers of a recent university festival made light of the fact that they planned to sell the water bottles that IVE had used. Fans thought the joke was disgusting because half of the IVE members are under 18. A fan who was present claimed that she overheard someone say that they could sell a water bottle used by Wonyoung for 50k won ($35), leading many to believe that it wasn’t a joke.

Worried IVE fans are concerned about Wonyoung’s ‘too severe’ schedule due to her frequent trips to Paris.

Knetz and aespa fans both call the incident involving the Korean men’s groping a “national embarrassment.”

Unsuitable jokes about IVE are made by university festival MCs.

IVE attended the Chungbuk University Festival on September 29. Comedians Bang Ju-ho and Im Sung-wook, who are outsiders, hosted the event. The original poster (OP), who overheard the remark about Wonyoung, responded, “This is 2022; we’re no longer in the 1990s. Fans looked up the hosts and discovered their YouTube videos where they frequently use misogynist jokes in their performances. “You can’t just say stuff like that trivially no?” Fans are asking IVE’s label Starship to shield their artists from such incidents since several of the members are minors.


‘Kind of gross’

Crazy, wrote one Knetz. As a minor, Wonyoung is still… Another person remarked, “Seriously, why is the bar so low? This is disgusting. They’ll just annoy people like that,” one user wrote. Many users pointed out that the joke might just be a play on the fact that IVE is well-known enough to sell out of used water bottles. It’s a derogatory term for women in Korea. Visit the misogynistic mcs on YouTube who make jokes about women body-shaming them there.

Making these kinds of “jokes” about women is disgusting, and the fact that the ive girls are minors only makes it 10 times worse, a different fan commented. As one graduate said, “As a graduate, I am really disappointed that the name of the school goes up and down in this way.” Another fan said, “It’s kinda gross for grown men to be joking that they will sell used water bottles of 20-15 year old girls. Why would they sell it if it involves sexual harassment? How would you feel if a man said that to you?



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