After allowing Gary Lineker to return to Match of the Day without an apology, BBC executives were accused of “pathetic capitulation.”


Yesterday evening, BBC executives were criticized for their “pathetic capitulation” in restoring Gary Lineker to his airtime without requiring him to apologize or face any repercussions for his inflammatory tweet about migrants.

Director-general Tim Davie made a stunning concession, announcing that the star would be returning to Match of the Day this coming Saturday.


Lineker with footie ace Ian Wright and Alan Shearer on the set of MOTD


Director-general Tim Davie said the TV pundit will return to Match of the Day this Saturday


And while Lineker has not apologized for drawing parallels between the language used about Channel migrants and that in Nazi Germany, Mr. Davie has announced that he is sorry for the chaos that this has caused.

Lineker, a former striker for Spurs and England, has taken to Twitter to thank his fans and appear unrepentant.

Meanwhile, Downing Street has been evasive about whether or not it backs Mr. Davie, and some Conservative lawmakers have demanded that the license fee be scrapped as a result.

Philip Davies, a member of the opposition, chimed in: “This pathetic capitulation by the BBC is the beginning of the end for the licence fee.”

“There has been no apology from Lineker for the grossly offensive remarks he made that would have offended millions of people who are forced to make a contribution to his salary,” Tom Hunt, deputy chair of the Conservative Common Sense Group, told The Sun.

The problem is that the BBC is the state broadcaster and that it is funded by a tax,” ex-Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg said. We wouldn’t have to question its objectivity if that weren’t the case.

Mr. Davie hoped that by reaching an agreement with Lineker, he could end the days of interrupted coverage on BBC sport.

The BBC has announced that they will conduct a new, independent review of the social media practices of their celebrity employees.

There is no way to know how long the review will take or how stringent the new regulations will be.

“This is a short-term solution to dampen the flames,” a BBC source said. Each side recognized the situation had escalated out of control.

But the issue is still present. Just into the taller grass it was kicked.

The rules obviously need to be addressed, tightened, and perhaps enforced more stringently; however, that is a decision that must be made by an impartial panel.

However, “whether presenters like Gary choose to agree to the new rules is another matter entirely.”

With an annual salary of £1.35 million, Lineker is the highest-paid presenter at the BBC. He has agreed to follow the rules and welcomed the review.

I’m happy we’ve found a solution,” he said. I’m happy with the results of this evaluation and ready to go back on the air.

After a “surreal few days,” Lineker thanked his coworkers on Twitter after the statement was issued.

Match of the Day’s pundits, led by Ian Wright and Alan Shearer, boycotted the show while Lineker was banned.

The coverage on BBC Sport descended into chaos as commentators joined in.

Lineker added that “however difficult the last few days have been, it simply doesn’t compare to having to flee your home from persecution or war to seek refuge in a land far away”.

Mr. Davie stated, “Everyone recognizes this has been a difficult period for staff, contributors, presenters, and most importantly, our audiences. I’m sorry about that. It is acknowledged that some readers may be confused by the ambiguity of the BBC’s social media guidelines.

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The BBC is dedicated to both objectivity and free speech. That’s a tricky juggling act in a world where people have varying on-air roles, contracts, audiences, and social media profiles.

To see Match Of The Day back on our TV screens, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was “glad” the problem had been solved.

Gary Lineker has not said sorry for comparing the language used about Channel migrants to that in Nazi Germany


Lineker continues to have his say on Twitter after the BBC announced his return



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