After being booted from Love Island, the cast members attend the final viewing party without any makeup on.


The rejected contestants from LOVE Island arrived at the London viewing party for the season finale without any makeup on their faces.

As they arrived at the party without having their makeup done, Olivia Hawkins, Claudia Fogarty, Zara Lackenby-Brown, and Tanyel Revan all looked lovely.


Claudia appeared deep in thought as she showed up


Zara waved to waiting photographers


Celebrities from ITV2 arrived at the secret London location in casual attire before getting dressed up for the event.

Olivia wore a black hoodie and black headphones with a white earcup design, and her raven hair was down instead of in the high ponytail she usually wears in the villa.

As she posed for pictures, she held her phone in her free hand.

Zara, dressed for the blustery weather in the capital city by wearing a black puffa jacket, smiled and waved as she arrived.

Tanyel wore a brown puffa as she walked into the building and played with her dark hair.

Meanwhile, a thoughtful-looking Claudia wore a grey hoodie and joined the rest of the islanders at the party.

Not only did the ladies show up, but so did Maxwell Samuda and Keanan Brand.

It comes just before the series finale, in which the winner will be announced, airs on the show.

Tom Clare and Samie Elishi, Tanya Manhenga and Shaq Muhammad, Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan, and Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins will all face off in the championship.

The last four couples in the South African villa are getting ready to leave.

However, viewers might be unaware that the cast has already left the villa in preparation for tonight’s finale.

A finalist from the 2021 season, Faye Winter (then 27) said that the contestants are taken from the villa very early in the morning.

“They won’t actually be in the villa on the day of the final,” she told RadioTimes.

Mornings find you being escorted from the villa to a waiting area, where you can sit and have your hair and makeup done.

“There’ll be preparing the garden for the final.”

Tanyel also showed up for the viewing party


The Islanders exit the villa in the early morning to prepare the garden for the final



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