After being marked down from $60 to $35.48, it quickly becomes a hot seller at Walmart.


WALMART has reduced the price of a popular emergency vehicle tool, causing customers to queue up outside the store.

EverStart Maxx Amp Jump Starter is now only $35, down from its original price of $60.


Shoppers have flocked to buy the discounted Jump Starter item for their car


It is claimed that the device is “powerful enough to start most 4 and 6-cylinder vehicles instantly” with its portable, usable electricity.

The tool is “user-friendly and great for everyday drivers,” as stated in the product description, thanks to the inclusion of a safety switch and a reverse polarity alarm.

An extension cord is all that’s needed to power up the product for another use.

With 65 reviews, customers have given this product at Walmart a 3.5-star rating.

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One buyer said they could finally have “peace of mind” in the winter because of the Jump Starter.

Batteries can lose power in the cold. Device allows you to see if it has been fully charged. Also, it has three USB ports. They rated it as “good for V6s” in their review.

The satisfied client further explained that they have not yet needed to use the jump starter, but “are hopeful it will do the trick when needed.”

Though many were pleased by the price cut, some were not.

The product is “not the best on the market,” as one reviewer put it. A weak battery that only provided a single boost before needing to be recharged.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the box was already opened when the customer attempted to return the item.

The incredibly low price was a major theme in other reviews.

Haven’t tried it out yet, but for the price, it was well worth the purchase. “Can’t wait to try it out,” a second Walmart customer wrote.

In comparison to the over $100 price tag of other jump starters on Walmart’s website, $35 seems like a steal.

Incredibly low prices are nothing new for Walmart.

The discount department store has sold storage sets, masks, and the like by renowned designers at more than half off their original prices.

Bargain-seekers are swarming the sales because of the incredible variety of goods on offer.


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