After breaking up with them via text message, Dannielle and Garrick refer to Roberta as a “scammer” and refer to her as “seeking sister wife.”

In the Season 4 finale of Seeking Sister Wife, Roberta, the second wife of Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield, breaks up with them via text message, leaving Dannielle and Garrick feeling abandoned. The Merrifields allegedly sent Roberta a sizable sum of money after this. Garrick and Dannielle thought Roberta had conned them.

On “Seeking Sister Wife,” Roberta texts Garrick and Dannielle to break things off.

Roberta separates from Garrick and Dannielle on the Seeking Sister Wife finale, which airs on September 5. The title card reads, “Garrick, and Dannielle received an unexpected text before the crew arrived to film Roberta’s arrival to the U.S.

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Dannielle can be seen screaming and crying in a video taken right after Roberta broke up with the Merrifields. “I do not comprehend. She claimed to be my sister! She lied. “She never loved me,” sobbed Dannielle.

With the cameras present, Garrick and Dannielle took a seat and described the scenario. Roberta sent them a text message explaining why she had changed her mind about relocating to Colorado. In the message, Roberta informs the Merrifields that she was unable to “feel the same as before” after learning that Garrick had kissed Lea.

“I’m devastated, without a doubt. My chest aches. Yes, I did give her my entire heart. My household did. Garrick told the cameras, “I’m devastated that she couldn’t love us back.

Thousands of dollars were sent to Roberta by Garrick and Dannielle.

Roberta’s message breaks the hearts of Dannielle and Garrick after their three and a half year engagement. They feel cheated financially in addition to emotionally. Dannielle said, “I’m so hurt and I’m so angry all at once.

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She admitted that Roberta wasn’t providing any feedback as she tried to plan the wedding of Roberta and Garrick. Garrick starts to show signs of suspicion. Garrick makes a comment to Dannielle that “It’s like she plotted this the whole time.”

Garrick disclosed that he sent Roberta a “large sum of money” before coming to the US during a conversation with friends and family. The following morning, Garrick said, “I got the message that she wasn’t coming, after the money cleared her bank account.” Earlier than she dumped them, according to Garrick, he sent her $9,800.

Roberta conned Dannielle and Garrick, they believe.

Dannielle can now recognize the warning signs they disregarded thanks to the benefit of hindsight. Dannielle asks, “Was she just using me for money the whole time?” Dannielle and Garrick also admit that they have been sending her money each month to help take care of her and her mother in addition to the $9,800.

“For more than three years, we have been sending her a sizable amount of money each month. It cost several thousand dollars. Undoubtedly thousands and thousands,” says Dannielle. They are the kind of people scammers target, her family claims, and they were duped by Roberta.

The Merrifields are still looking for the ideal sister wife and haven’t given up hope. Garrick tells the cameras, “I just pray this next time that it’s a sincere, faithful, and trustworthy person. The Merrifields are now seeing another Brazilian woman, whom they will meet soon in Mexico, just as they did for Roberta, it turns out. Let’s hope that the past doesn’t repeat itself.

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