After having a very unsettling feeling while shopping, I decided to buy a lottery ticket and ended up winning £820,000!


A woman who followed the advice of a mysterious voice inside her head and bought a lottery ticket ended up winning £820,000.

Wendy Hester, a resident of North Carolina, was doing her weekly grocery shopping when she heard the voice.


To paraphrase, “I felt compelled to make the purchase. “I think it was fated,” she concluded.

She went out and spent £8 on a VIP Platinum instant ticket, but when she got it home and scratched it, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Wendy claimed, “I kept looking at it and thinking, ‘This can’t be right. Yet, it was correct.

The delighted lady promptly phoned her happy hubby to tell him the news.

The million dollars she won was “like something out of a dream,” she said. Our house is in sight, at long last.

Wendy said, “This is a godsend. I’m not just going to use it to buy a new house. To put it simply, we required this.

Raleigh, home of the North Carolina Education Lottery, is where she went to claim her prize.

The prize could have been paid out to her as an annuity of £41,324 per year for 20 years, or as a lump sum of £493,896, but reports indicate that she opted for the latter.

After federal and state taxes, she was left with £353,331.

It follows the case of a grandmother who was babysitting her grandson when she won £41,000 on the lottery after purchasing a ticket on the spur of the moment.

Joyce Edwards had played the lottery on a regular basis for over a decade before she realized she had won.

The grandma, 57, said on her way home, “I just finished babysitting my grandson and stopped to purchase this ticket.”

A lucky woman in Maryland recently won £200,000 while doing some grocery shopping.

Isabel Sandoval, a mother of five, bought three Lady Luck scratch cards on a whim while out buying alcohol for her husband.

The 35-year-old warehouse worker was pleasantly surprised when she won the lottery’s top prize of £200,000.


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