After health officials cut through bureaucratic red tape, more erection drugs will be available.


After health officials cut through bureaucratic hoops, more erection drugs will be available for purchase over the counter.

The UK has just approved Cialis for sale without a prescription, making it the country’s second pill available without a doctor’s note.


Viagra got the green light in 2018.

While Viagra only lasts for five hours, Cialis can keep you going for up to 36.

Many people can take it without ever seeing a doctor, according to a recent ruling by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

“This is great news for men’s health,” Dr. Laura Squire of the MHRA remarked.

It not only empowers them to make better decisions, but also raises consciousness about erectile dysfunction.

About half of British men over the age of 40 are affected by erectile dysfunction, which affects millions of men in the UK.

Causes include ageing, alcohol and stress.

Prescriptions for medication to treat it cost the NHS £18.3 million last year.

Cialis Together, a pill for those over 18, will be available for purchase following a confidential discussion with a pharmacist rather than a doctor.

Similar to Viagra Connect, the price for two tablets could be around $12.


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