After her mother was publicly shamed for her hairstyle, Katie Price’s daughter Bunny posed with braid extensions on the beach.


Bunny, KATIE Price’s daughter, posed on the beach with her hair in cute braids.

Bunny, age 8, beamed as she displayed the extensions she had added to her long braids.


Katie faced backlash for allowing Bunny to change her hair


The cute little girl was dressed in a loose sweater, track pants, and comfy boots.

This news comes just days after Katie received criticism for letting Bunny return from Thailand with braids.

After being gone for a month, when she returned with a brand new hairstyle, her mother was the target of mother-shaming.

That mop of hair will make the bunny’s head feel like a brick. One fan commented sarcastically, “She is far too young for that.

As another person pointed out, “Daddy will soon get Bunny down to the hairdressers,” alluding to Kieran Hayler.

Katie posted a picture of a posing Bunny with the caption “Bunny the diva” after she had her hair done.

Many viewers immediately attacked Katie, accusing her of promoting “cultural appropriation” by allowing her daughter to wear braids while being of white ethnicity.

You need to give your head a shake, as one person commented, “No sorry Katie, she is far too young for this hairstyle.”

Another added that the weight of the extensions is “not good for the hair”.

The kids were complaining that she had kept them home from school for too long.

“Surely school is more important than a 4 week holiday,” one person wrote, expressing confusion about why these children weren’t enrolled in school.

“I didn’t even take my daughter out of school when booked small break away her education is way more important,” another added.

“Shouldn’t they be in school?” another chimed.

Some of Katie’s devoted followers, however, quickly came to her defense. One user commented, “Omg why can’t people leave her alone she’s a human being.”

Soon forgot #bekind.”

Spending time with loved ones is more valuable than academics, another person argued.

Leave her alone!” Please, guys, try to be nice. Xxx,” a third person pleaded.

After a month abroad, the group returned home via plane to be greeted by the on/off boyfriend of the OnlyFans star, Carl.

Carl and his family were recently spotted in Thailand, but he returned early with the kids.

Later, they stopped following each other on Instagram, a possible sign that their engagement had broken down again.

This past Wednesday, however, Katie and Carl publicly confirmed their reconciliation in London.

Katie did a few photo shoots while she was gone, including one where she wore a grass skirt.

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Following her sixteenth boob job in December, she wore a brightly colored bikini over the top.

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Bunny had long blonde braids added to her hair while she was on holiday


Katie insisted that Bunny chose her new hair style, but many of her fans weren't impressed


Everything you need to know about Katie Price


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