After his father revealed that the heavyweight champion is BANNED from the US, Tommy Fury will not be fighting Jake Paul.

The biggest fight of Tommy Fury’s life will take place without the presence of his father and brother Tyson.

To finally take on American YouTube millionaire Jake Paul on August 6, the 23-year-old Love Island star reportedly signed a contract.


Paul (R) has beat former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in the ring twice


John, the light-heavyweight’s father and trainer, claims his WBC heavyweight boy is also prohibited from entering the United States because he was convicted of a violent crime in 2011.

After gouging out a man’s eye in a fight at a car auction, John was forbidden from attending any of Fury’s American performances.

But he now asserts that the 33-year-old WBC heavyweight world champion has also been prevented from traveling to the boxing mecca.

Former fighter John Fury yelled at Paul in a since-deleted social media video: “You can have the fight on August 6, but it has to be outside of America because all of us are currently suspended and banned for life, and I can’t get there at all.

“Tyson can’t go there because he is attempting to resolve a few issues at the moment. Tommy therefore lacks a team.

Listen, if you want to bargain, we will accept less cash to battle you on August 6 somewhere else in the world.

We won’t have a problem getting you again if you can’t do it.

But the promotion needs to be done well; right now, it’s doing a poor job.


“We’re fighting people; do what you have to do, get in touch with us, and the battle is on.”

Last year, Tommy should have boxed Paul but he opted out due to a chest infection.

Even without his arguing family, he insists that the celebrity showdown will still take place this time.

Just tо let yоu knоw, the August 6 fight is happening, and the cоntract has been signed, he said tо Paul.

“Jake Paul has finally agreed tо the drug test after waiting fоr weeks and weeks, pоtentially endangering the fight, in the prоcess.

We’ve reached an agreement оn a cоntract, sо the fight will prоceed. I’ll see yоu оn August 6.

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