After posting a video of her delivery room while she was in labor and her courageous choice, the woman left people horrified.


When a woman gives birth, it is typically a very private affair with only her partner present.

But for one expectant mother, who had her entire family waiting in the room while she was in labor, this couldn’t have been further from her reality.

A pregnant woman named Jenny has left the internet divided after sharing footage of her delivery suite while she was in labour


Jenny had her whole family watching while she was in labour


Jenny, who uses the handle @jennnyshair, posted a video on TikTok explaining, “POV you’re about to give birth.”

Later, she can be seen moving the camera around the delivery room to show the patiently waiting loved ones of the newborn, numbering at least 14 of them.

The pregnant woman’s caption for the photo read: “My entire family came to watch as I was in labor.”

It’s not surprising that the video has amassed an astounding 8.2 million views and has since gone viral.

Others defended Jenny’s courageous choice, even though some viewers were horrified by the video and claimed it was their worst nightmare.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT,” joked one.

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A second quipped: “Bro shoulda sold tickets atp.”

A third person said, “Oh no. Sorry, I know that must be difficult. I discovered giving birth to be a very private and intimate experience.

A fourth person wrote, “My hospital barely wants me to bring one person with me,” in the meantime.

Another joked: “Naw everyone OUT.”

And a furthеr addеd: “IMMMEDIATLY NOOOOOOO.”

Onе pеrson, though, madе thе obsеrvation that “Guyyysss somе pеoplе likе thеir familiеs lol.”


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