After public outcry over Scottie Morris’s “liar” T-shirt, police have finally revealed the truth about it.


Police have released information about a specific article of clothing last seen on a missing teen as the search continues.

Since last Thursday night, when he left his family’s home in Eaton, Indiana at 8:30 p.m., 14-year-old Scottie Morris has not been seen or heard from.


Scottie was last seen leaving his home last Thursday night


Scottie, clad only in a T-shirt, some shorts, and his tennis shoes, set out into the freezing night to conduct a thorough search.

“Our primary focus at this time is locating Scottie,” Eaton Police Chief Jay Turner said.

Several searches of the village, he said, had turned up no sign of Scottie.

We’ve exhausted every investigative option,” Turner said.

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There’s not much point in looking for anything else, as we’ve already looked everywhere twice.

Meanwhile, the Eaton Police Department’s Facebook post about Scottie’s disappearance sparked online concern and confusion.

The department used a picture of a shaved Scottie who appears to be crying and who has the phrases “I’m a liar” and “I hurt my brother” written in black marker on his t-shirt.

Apparently, Scottie’s parents made him wear the shirt as a form of punishment, at least according to Turner.

“I will say, the shaved head was his idea, they went to Great Clips and he told them what he wanted,” Turner said.

But the shirt was out of the ordinary; it was actually kind of disturbing, and we’re looking into it.

Despite the post being deleted, Turner claims that it has not stopped social media users from speculating about its meaning.

He continued, saying that Scottie’s parents are devastated and would appreciate privacy at this time.

“They were beaten up pretty bad on social media and right now, they’ve cooperated the entire time with us,” Turner said.

Scottie’s local church candlelight vigil organizer, Chynia Cain, 24, spoke to The U.S. The longer Scottie’s whereabouts are unknown, the less time there is for speculation and mockery.

Cain said, “Whether or not it was a form of parenting, as a parent […] there is always a time that you may make a mistake.” He didn’t know why the boy was wearing the shirt.

Sometimes you have to discipline in a way you never thought you would have to.

As I consider this, the words of John 8:8 come to mind: “He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

This boy needs to be found, and I’m not here to pass judgment on anything I see there.

“That’s all that matters at the moment.”

According to Turner, the Eaton PD is coordinating with state troopers to determine how to proceed with the search for Scottie.

He really wants Scottie to realize how many people care about him and are rooting for him.

In other words, “you’re not in trouble,” Turner reassured us. We’re here to lend a hand. Please get in touch with us.


Cain says the situation is “dire” and that time is of the essence in finding Scottie because the boy left home without proper clothing for the bitter cold that has hit the Eaton area.

“It’s dire,” she reiterated.

Many of us woke up to snow on the ground on Saturday, which was disheartening to see given that we still hadn’t located him.

When he left the house, he was wearing a white t-shirt and black and red basketball shorts.

I hope and pray that he is either well protected from the cold by wearing as many layers as possible or is safe and sound inside a warm house.

On Sunday, police issued a Facebook post encouraging locals to review footage from any security cameras or doorbell cams they may have.

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Scottie is a 150-pound, 5-foot-4-inch man with short brown hair and blue eyes.

The Eaton Police Department can be reached at (765)-396-3297 if anyone has any leads on Scottie’s whereabouts.

The boy's parents made him wear the shirt as a form of punishment, said police



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