After spending £55,000 on an escort he’fell in love with, England’s star was kicked out by his partner.


AFTER SPENDING £55,000 on an escort he “fell in love” with, a THREE LIONS star was kicked out by his partner.

Even while looking after his children, he bombarded her with messages and received smutty photos.


The England star bombarded the woman with messages and received smutty pics, even while he was looking after his kids


The unnamed footballer had previously been caught with hookers but vowed to stop.

The household name then became “besotted” with a blonde escort, lavishing £35,000 on her in seven months so he could see her whenever he wanted.

A further £20,000 was spent on gifts and hotels, including a £2,500 necklace.

He sent her “thousands” of messages and once saw her while pretending to visit his sick mother.

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His partner’s suspicions were aroused, however, when he arrived late and was “protecting his phone” at home, smelling of perfume.

His missus described it as a “rotten, flowery smell,” which she shared with friends and his Prem team’s Wags WhatsApp group.

When he left his phone out while showering, she saw the photos and messages, confirming his cheating.

He was “getting photos of the s**t at the exact time he had kids at soft play,” she told friends. “The filthy w*****” is a phrase used to describe someone who is

He admitted seeing the woman when she confronted him. She ejected him for a few days after a raging argument before returning to her parents.

She was willing to give him “one last chance” last night, according to reports. However, he must enable the location setting on his Snapchat account so that she can track him down.

“They had problems before, and she never thought he’d cheat on her again,” a source told The Sun.

“She was deeply offended when he hired an escort and then fell in love with her.” This isn’t a Pretty Woman.

“She wants to leave for good, but she’s concerned about their children.” It’s been a dreadful few months.”

His friends aren’t impressed either, with one calling him a “mug.”


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