After the Season of “Big Brother 24,” Taylor might get a tattoo with inspiration from Joseph

Sometimes Big Brother housemates quit the show and get a tattoo honoring their time there. Taylor Hale revealed that Joseph Abdin served as the inspiration for her tattoo design.

[SPOILER WARNING: There will be spoilers for September’s Big Brother 24 live feeds. 4, 2022.]

Taylor and Joseph became close on ‘Big Brother 24’

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Taylor was an outcast and a target of the house at the beginning of the season. The Leftovers formed with her in it after Daniel Durston yelled at her.

Taylor was given a sense of security and inclusion in this alliance by Joseph. She wasn’t a shield to them, he told her.

She was still occasionally used as a pawn by the alliance. However, from that point forward, Taylor’s game gained more strength.

Taylor reveals that Joseph is the source of her “Big Brother 24” tattoo idea.

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On the evening of August 1, the cast drank. 4 drank in unison. They discussed their emotional interactions with the other players. After the season, Matt “Turner” questioned if anyone had any plans to get a show-related tattoo.

Taylor exclaimed, “God, I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud.” “Perhaps I’ll have some serious discussions before I do it. However, I remember when I was really, really struggling. Even before The Leftovers, Joseph and I started to become really close friends. He used to constantly remind me that I was a sword rather than a shield, for example, when I was feeling particularly low. like, keep trying. Therefore, I have been considering acquiring a sword.

Alyssa Snider laughed and said, “See where that sh*t was coming from,” after Taylor stated that it might end up on her finger, adding, “Gotta have conversations with the man before that one.”

She had to watch the show, Monte Taylor joking, to see if Joseph was speaking to someone else. No, that’s real crap, she retorted.

Why is Taylor questioning Joseph?

For his final week at Dyre Fest, Joseph was in a difficult situation. He told Kyle Capener and Turner far too much information. Because they were in The Pound together and he trusted them, he intended to stick by their side until the very end.

Although Taylor was unaware of this, she tried to accompany him to the very end because of their close relationship. According to Joseph, Taylor asked him to form an alliance with Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes. He claimed to have rejected her.

Taylor was informed that Joseph had betrayed her when the rest of Dyre Fest arrived. While some of their information was accurate, some of it was false. When the public learned about Taylor’s pitch to Joseph, she became very upset. She sobbed and questioned Joseph’s motivation for ruining her game.

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