After the Singapore Grand Prix crash, the “Marshal of the Year” was praised for waving the green flag.

The chaotic Singapore Grand Prix kept marshals busy both before and during the race.

Before lights out, a large number of people were called upon to clear the track of water puddles that had been left behind by a strong thunderstorm prior to the race’s scheduled start.

After more than an hour of delay and in wet conditions with all cars using intermediate tyres, the race finally started. Many drivers, including world champions Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, were caught off guard by the weather. Verstappen nearly crashed, while Hamilton damaged his front wing when he slid straight into a barrier during an attempt to pass Lando Norris. Verstappen also experienced a significant lock-up during the race.

Schumacher referred to Toto Wolff as a “bad loser” as Red Bull stepped up its threat of legal action.

Another incident involved Yuki Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri crashing head-on into a barrier, which brought on one of the race’s many safety cars.

You would typically anticipate seeing a yellow flag, which alerts other motorists to a potential danger, when a car crashes. However, a video of a marshal stationed close to the incident waving a green flag has surfaced on social media.

At first, many spectators believed that the marshal had picked up the incorrect flag by accident. It now seems that wasn’t the case.

A marshal waves a green flag following Yuki Tsunoda's crash in Singapore

“I’m a marshal and that and procedure is correct, the next position after an incident must mark the green flag,” one marshal noted on Twitter.

A supporter who witnessed the incident added, “Some inexperienced flaggers would still put out a yellow there, purely because the incident is essentially in front of them. Well done, marshal, for maintaining composure!

A fourth person added: “Agreed, he’s stationed after the incident so green flag correctly shown.” A third person tweeted: “Marshal of the year, because he is doing his job properly.”

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