After their tour company abruptly canceled their flight to Naples for England’s Euro 2024 qualifying match, angry fans were left stranded.


As a result of a last-minute cancellation, a group of ANGRY ENGLAND fans are stuck in Rome after missing the team’s Euro 2024 qualifying match in Naples.

Several days before Gareth Southgate’s squad was scheduled to face Italy, the FA’s official travel partner, Sportsworld, abruptly canceled their plans.


England fans have been left stranded just days before Gareth Southgate's men are due to face Italy in Naples in the Euro 2024 qualifier


It’s likely that many of the 2,500 fans who had planned to attend the game on Thursday night will now have to reschedule.

After violence erupted in the southern Italian city of Naples as thugs clashed with police, the city’s residents are on high alert.

Images showed what appeared to be attacks on police officers from both groups.

On Friday night, after all other plans had already been scrapped, travel agency Sportsworld emailed their clientele to confirm the news.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the company cited safety concerns as a result of the violence in Naples, but it is widely believed that a lack of clarity from the Italian authorities regarding return flights was the primary factor.

It is our policy never to cancel any trips, regardless of the reason, but we unfortunately have no choice at this late stage,” an email to donors read by the paper read.

The events in Naples this week have altered our plans, which have been in the works for months.

We know this news will likely make you feel angry and disappointed.

We regret any trouble this may have caused and share your deep disappointment in the outcome.

The decision has been criticized by England supporters, who have demanded that the FA remove Sportsworld as an official travel partner.

Followers must now scramble to make their own last-minute travel plans.

On Friday afternoon, Sportsworld emailed their patrons to inform them that they were unable to confirm a timely return flight from Naples or provide a clear transport plan for the day.

It polled their audience to see if they should make other plans or scrap the trip altogether.

Nearly 70% of respondents apparently wanted Sportsworld to continue looking for alternative transportation options.

About an hour and a half later, the company followed up with another email to officially cancel the trip.

It promised refunds to fans for the entire amount they spent on the trip (over £350) plus an additional £41 per person (likely the price of the match ticket).

However, a number of England supporters claim they are still out of pocket despite this.

Alan Houghton said he was “annoyed and frustrated” and therefore would not be leaving the country.

He had booked a hotel room at Gatwick Airport for the night before his flight and said he had to cancel it at a cost of £60 with no guarantee of a refund.

Sports Options, the company with which Mr. Houghton had originally made his reservation, had to cancel those plans three weeks ago because the Italian authorities had not yet made a decision on his return flights.

One angry fan wrote on Twitter: “Cancelling the travel for the Italy v England game in Naples with just five days notice – what a disgrace.

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I won’t be using your services again, and I think the FA should revoke your status as an approved travel provider.

The Mail on Sunday reached out to Sportsworld for comment, but they did not respond to our inquiry into the length of time it took them to make their decision.

An estimated 300 hooligans caused the chaos in Naples


Chairs and flares were thrown at Italian cops



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