After tonight’s episode of Masked Singer 2023 LIVE, viewers think they know the identity of the special guest.


Fans may think they have the secret code for tonight’s episode of THE Masked Singer, which will feature a DC Superheroes theme and an unmasked performer.

The Masked Singer’s official Twitter account tweeted a photo with four emojis: a microphone, a thunderbolt, a fireworks display, and a starry night.

The text above the picturewhich translates to “There might or might not be a big reveal to make this week…”

Many followers have commented on the photo, guessing who it is; one user named “Katy Perry,” to which the account replied, “Hm…”

To which another supporter replied, “I don’t know how anybody would get Katy Perry from those clues… I see them and I came up with Michael Bolton. Just sayin…”

Tonight, the stage will welcome three new masked performers: the Gargoyle, the Squirrel, and the Wolf.

Watch FOX tonight at 8 p.m. EST to find out who gets exposed.

Keep up with the latest happenings on Masked Singer by reading our live blog…


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