After Tori Roloff of Little People took off without her children for a wild girls’ trip, her 5-year-old son Jackson wrote her a heartbreaking letter.


Tori Roloff, star of the show LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD, posted a photo of a note her eldest child had written to her before a weekend away.

Tori, 31, took a boozy weekend trip to Anaheim, California, with her girlfriends last week while she left husband Zach at home with the kids.


Jackson told Tori that he loved her in his cute letter before she headed off on her girls' weekend away


Tori jetted to California with some friends and enjoyed a child-free vacation at Disneyland


Tori posted a photo of a note from Jackson, then five years old, to her Instagram Story early on Tuesday morning.

The child wrote in black marker, “I love you mom, have fun love Jackson. Jackson cleaned the house, and I appreciate it so much, so here are two hearts to show my appreciation.

Tori, moved to tears by Jackson’s note, captioned the photo with three heart emojis in white.

She had previously shared a number of photos from her trip to Disneyland with two female friends.

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One image was reposted from Tori’s friend’s Instagram Story with the caption, “We’re here!”

Tori wore a pair of gold sequined Minnie Mouse ears and posed for a photo, beaming from ear to ear.

The mother-of-three also posed with a Mickey Mouse-shaped beignet, and in another post, she said she’d had “too much caffeine” while holding a large iced coffee.

The reality star shared video of her meeting with Marvel’s Captain America and a cute selfie she took with Minnie Mouse.

When Tori and her friend declared themselves “Moms on the loose” in another video, they were dancing.

Tori was obviously making the most of her child-free time, as she dove into a mountain of fries topped with meat, sauce, and jalapenos that she called “life-changing.”

The women had been up since almost 1 o’clock watching the Disney castle, riding rides, and drinking all day.

The Little People, Big World star posted a video of the plane’s takeoff a day earlier.

Then, the TLC star and her friends went to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar in the Disneyland Hotel, and the whole group posted pictures online.

She zoomed in on the glasses they were holding to get a better look.


The reality star’s three children kept her from working, so she and her girlfriends took a much-needed vacation.

Tori posted a wild video in February showing their five-year-old son Jackson and three-year-old daughter Lilah running and screaming through their million-dollar Washington home.

As she admitted, “They just called the school again for tomorrow,” the reality star looked exhausted.

A four-day weekend has been followed by three snow days this week.

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We could hear Jackson wreaking havoc in the distance.

She begged her fans: “Send help. Send help.”

The mom-of-three looked happy and relaxed as she hung out at Disneyland wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears


Tori and her female friends enjoyed some drinks and food at one of the Disney restaurants


Tori's eldest child Jackson thanked his mom for 'cleaning the house' before she went away



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