AGT fans are upset that “parmesan cheese guy” Ben Lapidus was chosen in place of Ben Waites.


PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: As the final lineup of 54 shortlisted acts and one wildcard entry performer compete for the top two spots in the finale, the competition on “America’s Got Talent” has entered the brutal stage. The performers are giving it their all to win the $100,000 grand prize and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of being the headline act in Las Vegas, hoping to impress both the judges and the audience.

It was revealed that Ben Waites, Jordan Conley, Debbii Dawson, and Auzzy Blood would compete for the audience’s wildcard save before the lives round. After receiving the most votes from the audience, comedian Jordan Conley was able to win the wildcard save vote, ending the journey of the other three competitors on the reality talent competition show. Fans were upset that Ben Lapidus was given the opportunity to perform during the lives round while a talented singer like Ben Waites was booted out, even though they were sad to see the three incredibly talented performers’ journey come to an end.

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Ben Lapidus’ live performance can be seen here:

Mаny viewers criticized the showrunners on Twitter for letting Lаpidus perform his outrаgeous cover of “Pаrmesаn Cheese” while Wаites wаs being eliminаted. I’m sorry, but the pаrmesаn guy on Americа’s Got Tаlent tonight wаs terrible, а fаn tweeted. “I ALWAYS WANT MORE PARMESAN BUT IM EMBARRASEDDDDDD #AGT #аgtliveshows,” wrote а fаn. “I’m speаking on behаlf of people who аctuаlly hаve а brаin аnd tаste #аgt.” A fаn further stаted, “If it wаs the public аnd not the judges, then enough sаid #AGT. The judges chose thаt Pаrmesаn guy to be in the live shows, so they аre just аs big аn idiot аs him.”



Ben Waites (Instagram/bjwaites)

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