‘AGT’ Season 18: Critiques Blast Awe-inspiring Howie Mandel for Unyielding Criticism Towards Exceptional Aerialist Grace Good


PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: Howie Mandel Faces Backlash for Criticism of Aerialist Grace Good

Howie Mandel, one of the judges on the popular talent show ‘America’s Got Talent’, has found himself in hot water after his critique of aerialist Grace Good’s performance. Fans of the show were quick to slam Mandel for what they deemed as overly harsh criticism. Despite many feeling that they missed the mark, Mandel’s comments struck a nerve with viewers.

The controversy arose after Terry Crews, a fellow judge, praised Grace Good for her groundbreaking performance that combined hula-hoop skills with aerialism. Good had taken to social media to seek input from her followers on what tricks they enjoyed and whether they wanted to see more fire in her act.

Following her routine, judges Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara expressed their support for the “strong, fearless woman” competing for a spot in the finale. Viewers found Good’s performance to be thrilling, magnificent, terrifying, and seductive all at once. Simon Cowell, another judge, described Good as ambitious and praised her theatrics.

However, Mandel pointed out a mishap in which Good dropped a baton during her act. This criticism did not sit well with fans, who accused Mandel of being overly negative and unnecessarily focusing on the negative aspects of Good’s performance.

The backlash against Mandel continued on social media, with viewers expressing their disappointment in his comments. Some fans even called for him to step down as a judge, claiming that he was trying to influence the voting by bringing up the negatives of the contestants. They urged Mandel to give all the performers a fair chance.

Despite the criticism, there were still those who supported Mandel and believed that his comments were valid. They appreciated his ability to point out flaws and provide constructive criticism. However, the majority of viewers felt that his critique of Good was too harsh and unnecessary.

Grace Good, the contestant at the center of the controversy, is an exceptionally gifted circus performer and educator based in Nashville, Tennessee. She specializes in aerial acrobatics, fire dance, and hula-hooping. Good has gained a significant following on social media and is highly regarded within the circus community.

In addition to her performances, Good has also cofounded the entertainment business Beyond Wings Circus in Nashville. She has been involved in creating and directing various circus shows, including the Nashville Circus Spectacular. Good has made a name for herself as a self-taught circus performer with unique and extraordinary abilities.

Fans of ‘America’s Got Talent’ are eagerly awaiting the upcoming finale, which will air on September 26 and 27. The top 11 contestants will compete for a grand prize of $1 million and a chance to perform in Las Vegas. The judges, including Mandel, will play a crucial role in determining the winner.

In terms of Mandel’s earnings on ‘America’s Got Talent’, it is reported that he earns a salary of $70,000 per episode. Over the 13 years he has been on the show, it is estimated that he has earned over $15 million. Despite the backlash, Mandel continues to be one of the mainstays of the show.

In conclusion, Howie Mandel’s criticism of aerialist Grace Good on ‘America’s Got Talent’ has sparked controversy among fans of the show. While some viewers supported Mandel’s critiques, the majority found them to be overly harsh and unnecessary. Good, an exceptionally gifted circus performer, has won the admiration of many with her unique skills. As the ‘AGT’ Season 18 finale approaches, fans eagerly await the outcome of the competition and the judges’ final decision.


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