Aldi has released inexpensive perfumes, including a dupe for Thierry Mugler’s Angel that costs £6. Beauty fans are rushing there.

Fans of beauty, rejoice! Three inexpensive perfumes, including a Thierry Mugler Angel knockoff for under £6, have been released by Aldi.

And perhaps the best part?


Lacura's £5.99 Guardian Eau de Parfum has been compared to Thierry Mugler's Angel, which retails at the bigger sum of £116.00


Compared to more expensive brands like Marc Jacobs, Thierry Mugler, and Viktor & Rolf, shoppers can save a staggering 95%.

On Thursday, June 23, the three new fragrance knockoffs—woodsy Lacura Luxe, sweet Lacura Guardian, and botanical Lacura Floral Love Eau de Parfum—will be available for purchase.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good dupe?

The Luxe Eau de Parfum by Lacura, which costs £5.99 for 100 ml, resembles Marc Jacobs’ Decadence, which has a much higher price tag of £54.99 per 100 ml, according to the Aldi health and beauty team.

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According to the product’s description, it has saffron and iris notes that go well with papyrus and heady vetiver’s undertones.

Additionally, it is described as having “strong aromas of Bulgarian rose,” “creamy notes of jasmine,” and being “deeply woody and sensual.”

When you spend £10 today, you’ll receive a £20 bonus and 30 free spins.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel, which costs £116.00 at retail, has been compared to Lacura’s Guardian Eau de Parfum, which costs £5.99.

The fragrance is “carefully formulated with sweet scents of pineapple, coconut, and mandarin orange,” according to the description.

Additional base notes like vanilla, amber, caramel, and tonka bean are combined with this.

A celebration of “all things floral,” the botanical Lacura Floral Love Eau de Parfum is described as costing just £5.99 for 100ml.

The scent has been compared to Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, which retails for a more expensive £105 per 100ml.

Lacura's Luxe Eau de Parfum (pictured), which retails at £5.99 for 100ml, bears a striking similarity to Marc Jacobs's Decadence


The botanical Lacura Floral Love Eau de Parfum, which costs just £5.99 (pictured) has drawn comparisons to Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb


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