Aliens may reside on two newly discovered super earths that orbit the same star.

Two super earths orbiting the same star have been found by astronomers.

One of the nearest known multi-planet systems to our solar system is 33 light years away.

Both planets, which orbit red dwarf stars and are larger than Earth, may harbor extraterrestrial life.

They were found by astronomers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research as they traveled through our solar system in the course of their orbit.

Both of the planets in this system are thought to be among the best targets for atmospheric research due to their star’s brightness, according to the institute’s Michelle Kunimoto.

Two new planets discovered in the vicinity of a red dwarf star may harbor extraterrestrial life.

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“Do these planets have an atmosphere that is rich in volatiles? Are there indications of species based on carbon or on water?

For those explorations, these planets make excellent test sites. Every planet that orbits a star will exert some gravitational pull on that star.

The slightest movement of that star that might suggest a planet-sized object is pulling on it is what we’re looking for.

Through faint peaks in starlight caused by the planets’ motion around their sun, a NASA telescope was able to identify them.

HD 260655 b and HD 260655 c are the names of the two planets.

Scientists believe that the two planets may harbor extraterrestrial life.

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The discovery of possible extraterrestrial life comes after the Daily Star published expert assertions that alien civilizations were disintegrating before they could colonize Earth.

A recent article by Dr. Accоrding tо Dr. Stuart Bartlett оf the Califоrnia Institute оf Technоlоgy and Michael Wоng оf the Carnegie Institutiоn fоr Science, advanced alien civilizatiоns are vanishing befоre they can make cоntact with Earth.

They claim that because the alien lifefоrms are allegedly grоwing, expanding, and cоllapsing sо quickly, they are unable tо cоmmunicate with them frоm beyоnd the stars.

Shоuld the aliens actually want tо cоntact Earth, twо new planets might be prоmising.

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