Amanda Halterman of “1000 Pound Sisters” calls out the trolls who make fun of her family for their weight issues in a recent TikTok post.


Amanda Halterman has responded to online trolls who have made fun of her family’s extreme weight problems.

Amy’s impending divorce from Michael has the 1000-pound Sisters banding together in support of her.


She clapped back at trolls who slammed the group's weights


Amanda, age 42, has spoken out in defense of her obese family, who have been the target of online harassment.

The reality star posted a video of the Slatons and Haltermans chatting it up on her TikTok page earlier this week.

The picture shows the 1000-lb. Sisters cast gathered together in one living room, where they can be seen by fans.

Amanda panned the camera past a number of well-known relatives, including Amy and Tammy.

1000-lb Sisters' Amanda shares pic of nephews as family rallies around Amy
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She simply wrote “#family” as the post’s caption, and the comments quickly filled up with supportive messages.


They were all called fat by her dozens of followers.

“That’s one HUGE family,” one mocked.

“God bless that floor beam,” a second joked.

Weight-loss surgery is a viable option. “You owe it to those infants to keep living,” a third said.

A fifth wrote sarcastically, “Healthiest family in America,” while a fourth said, “No self-respect.”

Other people defended the Sisters despite their weight, with one asking, “Why so many negative comments?”

Because obviously they were never taught any better,” Amanda wrote back. It’s true that we’re overweight, but at least we’re making an effort to better ourselves in all ways—physical, mental, and spiritual.


The blonde has been there for her sister Amy Slaton throughout her divorce from Michael, the TV star.

Earlier this week, the TLC star posted a cute selfie to Instagram of herself with Amy’s sons Gage and Glenn doing some grocery shopping.

The picture showed Amanda smiling next to her two smiling boys as they sat in a shopping cart, each wrapped in a Mickey Mouse blanket.

The 42-year-old was enjoying herself tremendously as she spent time with her adorable nephews while wearing a blue sweater with an Adidas print.

She wrote, “A day with Auntie Manda,” as the caption for the photo. I try to take advantage of any free time I have to spoil them.

Among the many responses to Amanda’s Instagram post, “They are so lucky to have you!!!” stood out.

One comment read, “Amanda, All those babies are lucky to have you in their lives, you’re awesome.”

Totally unbiased third party: “I love this!!! The importance of one’s family cannot be overstated.

Four more of her viewers proclaimed her to be their “favorite person on the show.” How sincere you are and how much you care about your loved ones are two of the many reasons I admire you.

Additionally, “Freakin cuties!!” was written, and “I love me some aunti Amanda!!!” was added by a third person. Your family is so close, and it makes my heart happy to see it.

While the focus of the show is on Amanda’s younger sisters Amy and Tammy, many viewers have gushed that they consider Amanda to be the show’s most interesting character.


After Amy’s separation from the boys’ father, Michael Halterman, Amanda took them on a date.

Michael Halterman is brother to Amanda’s ex-husband, Jason Halterman.

The U.S. Sun exclusively reported that Amy and her two kids have already relocated from their childhood home in Kentucky.

The insider claims that now that Tammy has returned to Kentucky from rehab, Amy and the kids are staying with her.

Amy, according to the 1000-pound Sisters source, thinks Michael is lazy and has been jealous of her attention to the children.

“They’ve been having trouble since last year.”

An insider claims that while Amy would like Gage and Glenn to remain as stars of the family’s reality show, Michael is opposed to the idea.

According to the source, Amy and Michael have been having private disagreements about the issue and other matters since at least October.

Amy and Michael, both 35, reportedly started dating in high school and were married after dating for several years.

On March 15, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee, the couple tied the knot.

It followed Michael’s confession on his channel that they had run away and gotten married in June 2017.

Amy and her husband Michael are headed for divorce


The pair have been married since 2019


Amanda has been spending quality time with Amy and Michael's two sons



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