Amazing optical trick makes you colorblind; can you still distinguish the right colors after 50 seconds?

Will you still be able to see color after the 50-second test? THIS astounding optical illusion can make you colorblind.

A TikToker shared a video of the surreal illusion, which has since received almost 2 million views.


He said that if you stare at the center of this image you will see black and white after it changes


Seany, aka @seandoesmagic, instructed the viewer to focus on the four-color image’s central region.

“I’m gonna make you colorblind,” Seany said.

He gave the command to “try not to blink” while gazing at the center of the image.

“You’re going to keep gazing at the center, that’s what will happen.

Seany said, “Keep focusing and focusing on the image, and then the colors will change.”

The author of the content claimed that as you stare, the images will turn black and white.

Seany changed the image on the screen with the snap of a finger and declared that the viewer should only see black and white.

As some people struggled to be duped by the visual trick, the optical illusion sparked discussion in the comments section.

One user asked, “Am I the only one who’s seeing pastel colors?”

Many others chimed in to say that they also prefer pastels to black and white.

It worked!, another user exclaimed while emoji-ing a smile.

And other users claimed that because they are already color blind, they didn’t get the joke.

Did the optical illusion work for you?

In other optical illusions, an image is concealed inside an image of a circle in a square, and only the top 1% of observers can see it.

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Additionally, based on which animal you notice first in one illusion that contains nine different animals, it is possible to determine your true personality.

In the meantime, whether you are left- or right-brained depends on which way you perceive the horse to be moving in this optical illusion.

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