Amber Midthunder: Who is she in “Prey” on Hulu? The Fort Peck Sioux Tribe is comprised of the Native American actress.


Prey, the newest film in the “Predator” series, promises to terrify viewers with bloody violence and outstanding horror scenes. The film follows the journey of the Comanche Tribe, who dominated the Great Plains of North America and killed animals to feed themselves. It is set nearly 300 years before the events of the original “Predator” (1987) film. Naru, a highly skilled warrior in the tribe, is unable to kill one of the prey she has been stalking for some time. She quickly realizes, though, that the prey she is stalking is not an animal but a highly developed alien being from another galaxy.

The film has a cast that is almost entirely made up of Native Americans and First Nations people. Amber Midthunder, who will play Naru, the movie’s main character, is one of the celebrities who has managed to capture everyone’s attention. Although the actress has appeared in a number of films over the years, this will be the first time she plays the lead character.


Five things to know about the Hulu prequel to “Predator,” “Prey”

First reviews of “Prey” on Hulu praise the new “Predator” film for being “sharp,” “worthy,” and “brutal.”


When the movie premieres on Hulu, аll eyes will be on her, so if you’re аmong those who don’t know а lot аbout the аctress, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. So let’s explore further аnd leаrn more аbout the rising stаr.


Amber Midthunder as Naru in a still from 'Prey' (20th Century Studios)

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