Amir Khan lost a brutal fight to Kell Brook for £5 million, but thanks to his contract, he gets to KEEP the money even after being banned for doping.


Despite his drug suspension, AMIR KHAN will be allowed to keep the £5 million he made from his fight with Kell Brook.

After losing to Brook last year, the boxer retired and tested positive for ostarine.


Khan will keep the £5million he earned from the fight


Khan has been banned from fighting for two years despite his claim that he did not knowingly take the substance.

His suspension began after his fight in 2022 and will last until April of the following year.

It is estimated that Khan will receive £5 million from Brook’s fight purse.

Khan was probably already compensated for the fight, which took place in February of last year.

Ostarine, a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator developed to simulate the effects of anabolic steroids without their negative side effects, was found in Khan’s system.

However, it has also proven effective in combating osteoporosis and diseases that cause muscle atrophy.

The outcome of Khan’s battle with Brook is now null and void.

Khan admitted to not having been drug tested in the weeks leading up to the Brook fight, and he chased officials to get it done.


He wanted a “fair fight” so badly that he described the whole thing as “a bit strange.”

After losing to Brook in 2022, Khan called it quits on his illustrious career, retiring with a 34-6 record.


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