An Iranian rapist who feared for his life after committing his crime was granted asylum in the United Kingdom.


A judge has ruled that an Iranian rapist who is fighting deportation can remain in the United Kingdom because he would be persecuted for his crime if returned home.

Despite the fact that he had apparently lied about his work for MI5, his appeal was granted.


Judge John Keith ruled that the man could stay on human rights grounds


In 2001, the man identified only as XX was convicted of rape in London and sentenced to seven years in prison.

A female lodger who had fallen asleep in the same room was the victim.

After serving his time in prison, ministers wanted to immediately deport him, but he filed an appeal.

Strangely, the man maintained throughout that he had once worked for British security.

He claimed he was afraid for his life in Iran because of his rape conviction and the knowledge of its existence among government officials.

Since he is an outspoken opponent of the current government in Iran, he claimed that this was another compelling reason to stay.

The man was a student when he first came to the UK in 1992, according to the immigration appeals tribunal.

He was picked up in October of 2000, and he was found guilty the following October.

A deportation order was made in 2005.

The man has never shown “any indication” in his immigration papers that he understands the gravity of his crimes or the consequences of his actions, according to the documents.

He also hasn’t done any work in a rehabilitation center.

The criminal said MI5 contacted him because he was involved with the Iranian Embassy’s social scene in London.

The security services, however, refused to either verify or refute his claim.

Due to concerns that XX’s conviction could lead to persecution, Judge John Keith ruled that he could stay.

In addition, he stated that XX was at “real risk of interrogation and extensive detention” if the authorities in Tehran found out that XX had been an outspoken critic of the Iranian regime on a website.


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