Ana Navarro, host of The View, poses in a low-cut, sexy black gown as her fans gush over her “fabulous” appearance in new photos.


Ana Navarro, a host on THE View, has posted photos of herself on social media showing off her slim figure in revealing black eveningwear.

Ana’s Instagram followers gushed over how “fabulous” she looked in a show-stopping gown.


Ana shared a few snaps of her with her hubby Al Cárdenas and their pet dog Cha Cha


The View co-host posted two photos to Instagram focusing solely on her expensive ensemble.

Photos of the 51-year-old woman, her 75-year-old husband Al Cárdenas, and their dog Cha Cha were uploaded to the site.

In contrast, the other was a more up-close and personal selfie of Ana smiling and, presumably, showing off her stunning beauty.

This floor-length, off-the-shoulder, low-cut halter gown was captured in its entirety in a slide show posted to the TV star’s social media accounts.

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The dress flowed over Ana’s newly toned hips, giving the impression that her waist was narrow and her cleavage was perky.

The political strategist didn’t clutter her outfit with a lot of jewelry.

Except for one shot of them looking down at Cha Cha, Ana and her husband smiled up at the camera in all of the carousel photos.

This is my life in three pictures,” Ana wrote as the caption to the post featuring her and her family. Insisting on being heard, @chacha_cardenas

Ana posted a picture of herself from the special evening out, and she looked beautiful with flawless makeup.

Her flawlessly applied matte porcelain skin, satin red lipstick, and silver and black eye makeup made her look stunning.

Ana highlighted her matching red lips and fingernail polish in the photo.

‘I rarely wear color on my lips,’ she wrote as the selfie’s caption. I prefer to stick to neutrals and nudities.

Putting on bright red lipstick is so not my style. For my 51-year-old features, this seems a bit excessive.


Ana’s photo dump and selfie post were both inundated with positive comments from her legion of fans who love the ABC anchor.

“You are looking spectacular, Ana hubby & chacha look great too!!!,” one fan lauded.

“Ana, you are stunning!” And a good-looking husband by your side,” agreed another.

There is nothing better than a red lip, you should own it,” a fan wrote under one of her selfies.

“I think it’s just right; you’re beautiful inside and out, and your brains and energy make for a great combination.”

Other fans noted Ana’s apparent weight loss.

One of her followers gushed, “Wow look at that clavicle bone!!!!” in response to one of her photos.


In January, the famous host of The View discussed her weight loss efforts and strategies.

After spending 14-16 hours a week traveling between her home in Miami and The View studios in New York, the star took to Instagram to reveal how she maintained her healthy diet while traveling.

Ana shared an Instagram photo of a festive spread for dinner.

Grains, greens, and root vegetables made up her airplane meal.

Ana raved, “I’ve made a lot of small, thoughtful changes in my life to lose weight, and one of them is to buy a salad at the airport or pre-order the healthy meal on American Air.

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I’ve found that if I pre-order something, I’m committed to that option and less likely to change my mind later.

When pressed further, Ana admitted, “Honestly, I don’t love it. The same goes for alcoholic beverages on airplanes; I no longer partake. Since I spend an average of 14-16 hours per week flying, it really adds up for me.

Ana also shared a solo selfie of herself on social media as well


Many fans praised Ana for her slimmed-down frame and stylish outfit on Instagram


Ana opened up in the past about her diet and how it helped her shed pounds



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