Ana Navarro, host of The View, says she’s “staying in bed” after three nights of heavy drinking, despite her fans’ pleas for her to “rest.”


ANA Navarro has informed her fans that she is “staying in bed” after three days of nonstop revelry.

Viewers of the show have commented urging her to take a “rest” from her latest article.


She is currently attending a friend's wedding, which has turned into a multiple day affair


Ana, 51, shared a selfie with her dog Cha Cha on Instagram on Saturday.

She went to sleep with the dog on her chest and no makeup on.

The host did not smile and was in her pajamas.

“@chacha_cardenas and I gonna be in bed all day, until I have to get up for Day 4 of #sharikaandjonathan Indian Wedding,” Ana captioned the post.

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Today is the big day for the ritual celebration. I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for the strength and ability to plan ahead of Indian brides and their families. This is a party that will go on and on and on. One of them is even more stunning than the other.

The host of The View then went on to say that she has nothing planned for the upcoming week.

I swear, I’m skipping next week’s social events that call for lashes and/or spanx. This time I really mean it.

Readers encouraged her to “rest up” and “enjoy the wedding” in the comments section.


Ana got out of bed and started getting ready for the wedding around two hours later.

“Ok, so I got up,” she captioned the second post.

The hostess in traditional dress stood with her hands on her hips and a broad grin on her face.

She went on to show photos of other women dressed in traditional Indian clothing at the shop.

I had serious FOMO that I was going to miss out on wearing a beautiful Indian sari, so I called my friend, @mannymachado2017, and we set out to find one,” Ana wrote.

Ana then posted a video of herself up close.

She posted photos of herself wearing wedding jewelry and a headpiece and gave her followers the store’s phone number in case they wanted to attend the wedding.

Wow, that’s a stunning way of life. ‘I need to get invited to more Indian events so I have an excuse to wear these,’ Ana concluded her post.


Ana and Al Cárdenas took a sweet selfie together on Friday at their engagement party.

A white party was held at one of South Florida’s treasures, @vizcaya_museum, on the second (or third; I’ve lost count) day of the Indian wedding. She tagged the photo with the hashtag #sharikaandjonathan.

The first picture featured her all dolled up and beaming next to a breathtaking body of water.

Then there was the picture with Al, and then there were pictures of the white party attendees.

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At the party, Ana photographed not only the guests, but also the waitresses in their fancy attire and the various statues that adorned the venue.

It’s unclear what she has planned for Sunday, but we can safely assume it involves going back to bed.

Ana's outfit her friend's wedding


The guest at pre-wedding festivities


It is not clear if she will be back on The View on Monday



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