Andrew Tate has a new court hearing today, and it’s possible that he’ll be released from his dreadful prison and given house arrest.


TODAY, ANDREW TATE may have his case re-evaluated so that he can be released from his dreadful prison cell and placed under house arrest.

On Tuesday, over two months after his arrest, the disgraced influencer (then age 36) will have his first bail hearing.


The former kickboxer has been behind bars since December 29


He and his 34-year-old brother Tristan have been incarcerated in Romania since their arrest on December 29 in connection with a probe into allegations of human trafficking and rape.

Tate’s legal team is challenging the arrest warrant and the extensions of his detention, so he has been making frequent trips to and from court.

Police in Romania have the option of keeping Tate in custody for up to 180 days, with each 30-day extension requiring a separate application.

Holding him for any longer than June 27 would be a violation of his rights.

However, at this time, his team is not contesting the arrest warrant, but rather asking for bail that could result in Tate’s release under house arrest.

This hearing marks the first time Romanian judges have formally considered his request to be released from police custody pending the outcome of the investigation.

Today is Andrew’s hearing, tomorrow is Tristan’s, and on March 16 is the hearing for their “angel,” Georgiana Naghel.

The Tates had previously challenged their arrest and the warrant extensions at the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

However, they will be represented in the highest court in Bucharest today.

If the judge determines that releasing the Tates to house arrest is “safe” and will not compromise the investigation, then the Tates will be allowed to go home.

After each of the two Tates and the Naghel hearings, the judges will have three days to deliberate.

“Last week, the Romanian judicial system approved a bail hearing for Andrew and Tristan Tate,” a spokesman told The Sun on behalf of the couple.

This will happen on March 14 for Andrew Tate and March 15 for Tristan Tate for the first time since their arrests.

As the judge stated, “Contrary to speculation, this bail hearing is not based on medical grounds and neither were the previous appeals.”

While it was confirmed that Tate had a “dark spot on his lung,” he has repeatedly denied cancer rumors in the past week.

The scar on his lung “is from an old battle,” he insisted in a tweet after the medical information was made public.

Tate will be placed under house arrest if he is found not guilty at his hearing and the prosecution does not file an appeal.

If however, the prosecution files an appeal, the former kickboxer will remain behind bars until the appeal is either accepted or rejected.

Tate will remain in jail if the appeal is upheld, but he will be released from jail if it is dismissed and the bail approval is upheld.

This comes after a judge last month ruled against Tate’s latest attempt to overturn his arrests and remanded him to jail for another 30 days.

They had already lost two appeals against previous 30-day extensions that had kept the brothers in jail while investigations continued.

Tate has complained to his followers and subscribers numerous times about his time in prison via social media and email.

He was “locked in a box” and it was “blistering cold,” he wrote in an email.

Additionally, in another, he made a veiled attack on his supporters by saying he needs “better people” while he was in jail.

With their “angels,” Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu, also under investigation for alleged involvement in human trafficking, organized crime, and rape, they have been in detention for over 10 weeks.

They deny all allegations against them.

Romanian authorities view the brothers as a flight risk, so they have denied all of their requests for release.

If the courts approve further detention extensions, they could be held for up to 180 days, or until June 27.

Tate, a misogynist influencer who cultivated a persona that resonated with teenage boys, amassed an online empire that made him one of Google’s most sought-after individuals.

While posing as helpful lifestyle tips, much of the content is widely condemned as being deeply sexist and even advocating for violence against women.

An MP in the United Kingdom has claimed that he is “brainwashing” children due to his widespread appeal among young men and boys.

Tate first rose to prominence following a brief stint on Big Brother.

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After reports surfaced that he had beaten a woman on camera, the show decided to cut ties with him.

Since then, his wave of disturbing material posted online has sparked widespread outrage.


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