Angry woman witnesses airport staff taking selfies as flight is three hours late.

By criticizing cabin crew for holding a “photoshoot” while her flight was delayed, a woman caused controversy.

The Air Canada passenger commented, “Everyone on our flight wondering why we’re three plus hours delayed,” as the frustrating event was captured on camera.

The flight attendants are having a literal photo shoot outside, on the plane, she says as she flips her camera to reveal the grounded aircraft on the tarmac.

Flight attendant describes bizarre butt-cheek game that crew members engage in on lengthy flights

A crew member is seen sitting on the jet engine’s edge while his colleague quickly takes his picture.

The TikToker and other passengers were stuck at the airport for more than three hours because of a delay

He keeps going and alters his pose, putting his legs on the engine and smiling widely for another picture.

She chuckled, “I was gonna offer to take one of all of them.

Some viewers disapproved of the TikToker’s claim and asserted that there were other causes for the plane’s delay.

Additionally, they defended the airport employees by claiming that they were simply maximizing their waiting time.

She looked out the window and saw the cabin crew taking pictures in front of the jet engine

One person said: “Let them have fun at least; they go to do something while they wait. They are not paid until those doors are shut.”

The second person added, “To be fair, they are probably waiting and trying to pass the time just like you, you are not late because of them.

“I’m a flight attendant, and when passengers wait, we wait too,” a third person added.

Especially when duty begins one to two hours prior to boarding, “sometimes we wait longer.”

Others remarked that if they were crew members, they would probably act similarly.

Some viewers said the cabin crew were spending the same waiting time as the passengers

One viewer exclaimed, “His Instagram photos must be fire!”

He slayed it, though, and someone else commented, “This is so cute I would do the same.”

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