Anthony Joshua’s bizarre and brutal treatment in the buildup to his fight with Franklin left him saying, “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”


In preparation for his fight with Jermaine Franklin, ANTHONY JOSHUA has had a bone-crunching chiropractic adjustment.

Ahead of his comeback fight on April 1, the former two-time unified heavyweight champion is winding down his rigorous training camp.


The former unified heavyweight champion has visited a chiropractor to decompress his body ahead of the fight


AJ felt a million dollars after the adjustment


The 33-year-old was quick to thank Dr. Elahi for the treatment


Now that he has put his body through so much trauma, Joshua is concentrating on healing by doing things like getting a spinal decompression.

AJ went to see Dr. Ali Elahi, a chiropractor, to get an adjustment to help with the pain in his back and other areas of his body.

The 33-year-old Joshua laid face down on a drop table while Elahi’s patented Ring Ding apparatus crunched his spine.

Elahi wrapped the towel under AJ’s chin and yanked it to crack his neck.

Joshua remarked, “That was a lot of decompression,” after having his neck cracked and feeling the pressure release.

I feel like a ton of stress just melted away from my body.

Joshua couldn’t stop gushing about the treatment’s positive effects: “Oh my gosh.

When you say, “I’ll never feel anything like that again,” know that I get it.


AJ requested an additional neck adjustment from Elahi after the towel method.

I felt it through my whole rib cage,” Joshua said after his final adjustment.

“It wasn’t just my spine. Everything.

Everything seemed to have gone, including my back and shoulders.


Read this for information on the heavyweight fight between Anthony Joshua and Jermaine Franklin, including when it will air and where to watch it live.

Really, I appreciate it. It’s a nice feeling, a great feeling.

In his upcoming bout against American heavyweight Franklin, Joshua will be hoping that his recent chiropractic adjustment will give him an edge.

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AJ has lost his last two bouts, both to current heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

And a loss to Franklin could end his illustrious career for good.


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