Apparently, a $28 hair product sold at Walmart has a cheaper dupe selling for $8, and its ingredients are “almost identical.”


Fans of WALMART are flocking to the store to purchase an $8 alternative to a $28 hair staple.

The Walmart option is almost identical in composition to the more expensive one.


TikTok user @abbythebadassmom recently claimed it is a 'true dupe' of a $28 product


Abby, who uses the handle @abbythebadassmom on TikTok, recently posted a video of herself at Walmart showing off a dupe she found.

The astute shopper used to like Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, a hair styling spray for treated, frizzy hair.

This high-quality item “magically transforms texture” and has “amazing humidity-proofing powers,” as claimed by the manufacturer. The suggested retail price is $28.

Abby, however, was able to find a fantastic, less expensive option at Walmart: Hair Proud, Glass Hair, Heat Activated Smoothing Shine Spray.

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She went so far as to highlight a tangible benefit of using Hair Proud.

“If you’ve ever used Color Wow Dream Coat, you know how difficult it is to spray the product out of here,” the TikToker said.

I’ve never found a better mist to spray into your hair than this one.

The duplicate is almost $20 less expensive but has a smaller bottle.

Hair Proud comes in a smaller, five-ounce bottle than Color Wow, which retails for 6.7 ounces.

Although the genuine article costs $3.69 an ounce, the knockoff only costs $1.79.

Abby analyzed the label for ingredients and found that they were virtually identical.

We found many common main ingredients between the two, including natural plant or flower extracts.

Hyaluronic acid, which is used in Hair Proud to keep your hair hydrated, is completely cruelty-free.

Abby’s TikTok followers unanimously agreed that the item in question is a “true dupe.”

Yesss, I got it on a whim at Walmart and it works so well,” wrote one.

Another person chimed in, “That’s my one complaint about Wow, the sprayer. So, I went ahead and bought this knockoff. A heartfelt “thanks” for the suggestion.


The excitement over a beauty sale isn’t limited to Hair Wow.

Target and Ulta Beauty have been slammed with customers looking for a $7 concealer from Revolution Beauty.

In comparison to more expensive brands, IRL Filter Finish is a great value, as it has been dubbed “botox in a bottle” by beauty vloggers.

There are 30 different color options, and it promises to provide full coverage for 16 hours with a comfortable matte finish.

This concealer is unlike any other because it contains VTOX, a vegan alternative to Botox.

Dollar Tree is another customer favorite for cheap glam needs.

Wet n’ Wild pink-tipped makeup brushes and an ELF blush and highlighter duo were recently featured as part of a shopper’s $1.25 finds at a discount store.

Also, a three-ounce bottle of Coach New York Eau de Parfum for Women is on sale for $46.49 (down from $112.00) at Walmart.


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